D. D.

I know you probably hear about successes after sessions all the time, and I want to add one more story. You were right when you thought you saw Pinky in the bed/closet area. And then, here is Chicken, getting her lap time. Amazing and touching. Thanks for being so...

M., M. & G. Q.

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today. You surprised me with many things known only to Gigi, my husband Mike, and me! The reading brought peace-of-mind knowing how Gigi feels about her food, toys and us. Your reading inspired me to find a holistic vet and...

L. & J.

Thank you for helping to bring us all EVEN CLOSER TOGETHER!

L. S.

It was a great pleasure speaking with you last week. My husband and I are trying to incorporate the suggestions made by our cats when they were communicating with you. I had to reach out and give you an update on Tegan. When you spoke with her, you mentioned that you...

C. S. L.

Thank you so much!!! They did do better and I’m so happy we pushed on to understand! Emilia needed it as much as Aire! Thank you!!!