Experience has taught me that every human being is intuitive and connected to the web of life. Like all creatures, we have the ability to join in this constant conversation. Telepathy is the silent language of interspecies communication.

My classes are an invitation to revive your natural telepathic gifts. Working individually, with a partner and in small groups, I’ll guide you through techniques and meditations to open your heart and mind so you can converse with animals telepathically.

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It would be a pleasure to speak at your event or to your group about intuitive animal communication. In an interactive presentation, we would share profound experiences with animals and experience meditations and exercises for enhancing personal animal communication.  Call 215.249.3437 or email to discuss what would be best for your group or event.

Class Comments


Thank you for a wonderful experience! I very much enjoyed the class! The energy in the room was incredible and you created a truly supportive environment.

E. S.

M. H

Your class has given me more confidence in my gut feelings and absolutely given me an edge as a trainer!

M. H.

G. M

I have wanted to write to let you know how much you and your classes changed me. Learning from you opened up a place in my heart I never knew was there. I haven’t got the words to express how precious that time and learning means to me everyday.

G. M.

M. Z

Thank you for a full and loving day beyond all expectations!

M. Z.

E. B

I learned so much and had a great time!

E. B.

M. P

I wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful and enlightening class. Later that evening I retired downstairs to the family room. While sitting down there I began to “talk” to Dakota, who was upstairs in the kitchen with my
husband hoping for a piece of his dinner to fall onto the floor. Nothing can tear Dakota away from the kitchen if someone is eating. While I was attempting to connect with him, the next thing I know Dakota is down in the family room sitting right next to me looking at me! I was amazed, he gave up the chance of a fallen scrap to physically come down to communicate with me! I look forward to your next class.

M. P.

J. W

Thank you so much for inspiring me.

J. W.

Introduction to Animal Communication:

Learning the Universal Language of the Animal World
In this class, you will learn the essential techniques of telepathic communication. You will gain confidence through verified work with photographs of companion animals. Additionally, you will refine your ability to intuitively communicate with your own cat and dog family! Discover that your intuitive abilities are alive and well!

11 am - 4 pm Doylestown, PA or TBA

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Introduction to Animal Communication-1

  • Price: $125.00

Advanced Animal Communication:

Experiencing the Breadth and Depth of the Human/Animal Bond
We will continue with previously learned techniques and add new ways to communicate with animals. Through practice, we'll deepen our perceptions, interpretation and appreciation of telepathic communication, You will learn strategies for overcoming barriers to full communication while embracing your own unique style.

11 am - 4 pm Doylestown, PA or TBA

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Advanced Animal Communication 2

  • Price: $125.00

Animal Communication III and IV:

Counseling and Healing with People and the Animals They Love
In this weekend course, you will have the opportunity for intense study of animal communication with the goal of consistently reliable and comfortable communication.. You’ll work individually and collectively for greater insight and intuitive understanding of your own abilities to receive and translate telepathic information successfully..You will learn counseling techniques for people and animals which address a wide range of situations. This is a class for people who want to be practicing animal communicators, either for yourself or professionally.

Animal Communication III & IV Weekend
Saturday & Sunday TBA
11am - 4pm
$300 pre-registration

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Animal Communication 3 and 4

  • Price: $250.00

Communication with Horses

at Your Barn with 4 or more people
Email Emerald or call 215.249.3437 to arrange a two hour class with your riding colleagues so you can enhance your abilities to be a Horse Listener and Whisperer!
$125 per person

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Two Hours of Intuitive Instruction at Your Barn

  • Price: $125.00

Private Study:

I offer private hourly tutoring one on one by phone and in person. In addition to hourly coaching, I have developed a 10 Week Course of private study tailored to your individual style. Contact me for more information. It would be a pleasure to work with you individually to develop your intuitive animal communication skills!

1 hour private study $125
10 week private study course $500

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Private Study