It was a great pleasure speaking with you last week. My husband and I are trying to incorporate the suggestions made by our cats when they were communicating with you. I had to reach out and give you an update on Tegan. When you spoke with her, you mentioned that you felt an ache in your bladder and we suspected that she may have an infection. I took Tegan to the vet on Monday night whre she had urine taken for an analysis. A short time ago today, our vet left a message and said that Tegan’s results were consistent with a cat that has bladder stones! While I’m not sure what that will mean as far as treatment yet, I wanted to thank you for helping us to know about Tegan’s condition. As you know, cats are notoriously brave about hiding their illnesses and we really appreciate getting the ‘early warning’; with Tegan. We will deinitely be back in touch with you again. In fact, I said to my husband that I shoudl schedule regular calls with you like a ‘check up’ so that you can ask all the cats about their health! Thank you again for your assistance.