Client Comments

It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love. It matters only that you love.

John Lennon

Thank you so much for your work with Poot today! I was astounded at all the marks you hit, and I was relieved to hear his side of things and know what to do to make him happier. I loved the way he plunked himself down in your lap and stayed there the whole time. He really felt totally at ease with you. You are a gem, and I know that I’ll be seeing you again in the future. Thanks again for a really great session!

S. T.

TYVM Emerald – because of your great insight – I have 3 cats that ALL get along well again. Thanks!

L. V.

I just wanted to thank you for speaking with me regarding all my pets. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but when we had finished our session I truly felt that I had learned something important about all of my pets, both past and present. I loved talking to my current pals…it was fun and entertaining. I also felt so blessed that I could actually have another chance to talk to my beloved pets who have passed. I feel like I have gained an understanding of several important areas in my pets lives that will help me and hopefully will help improve the relationships with my current furry friends. Your insight is amazing! Thank you again!

J. A.

Just wanted to follow up to our meeting a couple weeks ago. I have to tell you there was an obvious calm after you left. I still need to make the few changes you had suggested but after implementing just a few the change is noticable. The peeing has definately subsided…as far as I know there may have been only 1 or 2 that have happened since you have been here. The kitties all seem to be happy with the night time arrangement of two younger ones in the basement and old Cutter upstairs. We are all sleeping better! My husband who is on the fence with this type of thing noticed a difference. He made the suggestion to have you back occasionally…would work out less than bet visits…his words!:-) Thanks for everything, especially the ‘calm’ here in our house:-)

B. M.

I really truly believe you gave me the information that saved my Trixie’s life. Thank you! And I’m calling to congratulate you because you picked out the thyroid problem that my vet definately thought he didn’t have. He was just amazed, astounded and definately a believer so I wanted to congratulate you on diagnosing Twister for thyroid. You know we love our animals.

J. S.

Thank you so much for the consultation last night! We all loved it and were quite amazed. You have a genuine talent and it was fascinating talking with our kitties. I’ve been thinking about it all day and have so much more I want to ask them now! So we will definately chat again in the future. The cats all seem very content, happy and cohesive today. And I’ve promised Huck that I will just take him to our local vet to get neutered as the overnight stay seemed like it would be a bit scary, so I think he’s happy about that. Lulu has been eating off a china plate that was my grandmothers away from the other cats and it seems to make her feel pretty special! Queen Agnes (!) has been extremely playful, affectionate and talkative today. Thanks again, we all loved talking with you and we look forward to the next time!

K. B.

Thank you so much!!! They did do better and I’m so happy we pushed on to understand! Emilia needed it as much as Aire! Thank you!!!

C. S. L.

It was a great pleasure speaking with you last week. My husband and I are trying to incorporate the suggestions made by our cats when they were communicating with you. I had to reach out and give you an update on Tegan. When you spoke with her, you mentioned that you felt an ache in your bladder and we suspected that she may have an infection. I took Tegan to the vet on Monday night whre she had urine taken for an analysis. A short time ago today, our vet left a message and said that Tegan’s results were consistent with a cat that has bladder stones! While I’m not sure what that will mean as far as treatment yet, I wanted to thank you for helping us to know about Tegan’s condition. As you know, cats are notoriously brave about hiding their illnesses and we really appreciate getting the ‘early warning’; with Tegan. We will deinitely be back in touch with you again. In fact, I said to my husband that I shoudl schedule regular calls with you like a ‘check up’ so that you can ask all the cats about their health! Thank you again for your assistance.

L. S.

Thank you for helping to bring us all EVEN CLOSER TOGETHER!

L. & J.

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today. You surprised me with many things known only to Gigi, my husband Mike, and me! The reading brought peace-of-mind knowing how Gigi feels about her food, toys and us. Your reading inspired me to find a holistic vet and get better organic food for her. We’ve tried pet foods in the past, but she only wants to eat people food. I referred you to my friends ???? Thanks again!

M., M. & G. Q.