Animal Communication for People and the Animals they Love

Animal Communicator Emerald DuCoeur talks with you and your animals for greater insight into your companions’ hearts, minds and bodies. By increasing awareness and understanding between people and their animal family, problems can be solved and relationships profoundly deepened.


I offer consultations by telephone, email, and in person. I help you to see things from your animal’s point of view and convey your point of view to them.


Experience has taught me that every human being is intuitive and connected to the web of life. Like all creatures, we have the ability to join in this constant conversation.

Animal Communication

In communicating intuitively with animals, we use the universal language of telepathy, meaning we mentally send and receive thoughts, images, feelings and words. 


Emerald is an experienced animal communicator, having done over 100,000 consultations with clients all over the world. 

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About Emerald

Emerald is an experienced animal communicator, having done more than 100,000 consultations over the last two decades with clients all over the world.

In every consultation with people and their animals, she conveys telepathic information to facilitate a conversation between you and your animal for insight into health, happiness, behavior and relationships.

In 1997, Emerald was introduced to animal communication when her beloved dog, Trajan, passed on.  She called an animal communicator for the first time.  After that conversation, she felt an easing of her deep sadness and began her journey into the world of animal communication.

Her work is based on an understanding that each of us has the inborn ability to communicate with animals and experience our kinship with all life.

This is the most profound spiritual truth I know: that even when we’re most sure that love can’t conquer all, it seems to anyway.
~ Annie Lamott