I have a question about my 19 year old cat Mr. E.B. He has bladder stones, and congestive heart failure as well as hyperthyroidism. He is being treated for all of these but he howls very loudly at times and I wonder if he is in pain and getting ready to pass into spirit? ~ Nancy

Dear Nancy,
All cats pass into Spirit regularly, so yours is a thoughtful question. In my previous lives, I always howled to bring myself back from The Spirit World, much to the consternation of those around me. I found it to be an excellent method for retaining a little more time in my then present feline body. Pain is an aspect of maturity, sometimes it does a body good to “howl it out!” So as to whether Mr. E. B. is transitioning into the ethers or in pain, only he knows the exact proportions at the time of each howling. Please convey to him my appreciaition for his passion for the feline life and send him my true wishes for continued passion in this life and beyond.

Your in Feline Passion,
StarGazer, E. O. C.