I am Cuddles, an orangie that came to live with my meowmy a few months ago. Why don’t I cuddle with Meowmy more? ~ Love, Cuddles and Meowmy Martha

Dear Meowmy Martha,
I can certainly understand your desire to cuddle Cuddles, as Cuddles is adorable, so soft and very appealing. However, some of us (especially orange cats) are rambunctious in our youth and are not such serious cuddlers until we shake out some of our deep curiousity and restlessness (not to mention all the silent looks Cuddles is receiving from the other older cats in the household).
As someone who has lived with human people for more than a few lifetimes (before I became StarGazer, Enchanted Orange Cat), I myself generally took the approach of cuddling when the mood struck me, rather than when the mood struck my companion. It made a more equitable relationship and we lived together in companionable harmony once this was established. Also, my affection was more greatly appreciated when the mood did strike me, which was usually at night after the activity in the house had settled down remarkably.
I recommend playing with the fetching pink-nosed Cuddles before you would like to cuddle Cuddles, as it is such a treat for a kitty to rest and purr after a rousing game of bat and bite. Please tell all your cats Greetings from the Metaphysical One.

Yours in Feline Mystery,
StarGazer, E.O.C.