I offer consultations for you and your animal family by telephone, email, and in person. In our consultation, I help you to see things from your animal’s point of view and convey your point of view to them. I do this by telepathically receiving your animal’s words, thoughts, pictures and feelings and translating them verbally to you. I convey anything you would like your animal to know using the same technique.

When I act as an intermediary, you and your animal can often arrive at insights and solutions through a new understanding.  Change can occur when you and your animal communicate clearly and deepen your bond. Clients often say one of the best aspects of a consultation is the closeness they feel to their animals after we talk. It’s one of my deepest pleasures to bring harmony and insight to families of different species!

Scheduling an Appointment

Contact me by telephone 215.249.3437 or email to schedule an appointment. Usually we can choose an appointment time within 24 hours. If you live near me and want an in person consultation, we’ll schedule a time to meet at your home. Otherwise, we will set up a time for you to call or email me and I’ll communicate with you and your animal from a distance. Many of my consultations are by telephone or email from all over the world.  Although it is a delight to meet my clients and their companions in person, I have found telephone and email consultations to be as effective and rewarding.

The telephone conversation with you about our pets was quite satisfying and would have been completely enough for all of us. Understanding them brought greater calm to our relationships with them. But what was a really surprising and unexpected result came within a few days after the phone conversation. Behavior of both felines and humans changed. I am happy to report that scratching faces has stopped and the love fest has begun.  Bravo! I hold your abilities and talents in the highest regard.     ~ J.C.

Thank you so much for doing my horse Fancy’s email consultation for me. You hit so many things right on! I DO talk to her a lot. ...about the water and her putting her nose in it ... I think it is funny she told you about that. I am glad she is happy with her life. Thanks again.     ~ S.M.

Whether you choose an in person, telephone or email consultation, I look forward to our conversation.

Once the consultation is scheduled, it can be helpful to write down the questions you have for your companion and what you wish to convey. Any question can be meaningful.

I recommend you ell your animal out loud when we will be communicating. Please email, text or send me a photograph of your animal before we talk. It's also possible to connect with your animal with a physical description at the beginning of our consultation.

Many people find it helpful to take notes during a consultation.  Reflecting on the conversation can lead to more understanding and deeper insights. For an additional fee of $10, I can record our session and email you a recorded  file.

Thanks so much for this! I relistened to almost all of it last night and was very happy.     ~ C. D.

Reasons for a Consultation
  • Solve Behavior Problems
  • Address Illness and Promote Health
Always remember, consultations are complements to professional veterinary diagnosis and care. In support of your veterinary visit, you can request a a physical reading from me about how your animal feels.
  • Help Animals with Death and Dying
  • Talk with Your Companion who has Passed On                                       
 I simply believe that some part of the self or soul is not subject to the laws of space or time.     ~ Carl Jung

The separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.     ~ Albert Einstein
  • Explore the Possibility of Your Beloved Animal's Return
They will come back, come back again,
As long as the red earth rolls.
He never wasted a leaf or a tree.
Do you think he would squander souls?
~ Rudyard Kipling

  • Improve Training
  • Welcome Rescued and Adopted Animals
  • Learn more about Your New Animal’s Previous Life
  • Understand Household Dynamics
  • Tell Your Companions How much You Love Them!
  • People, too

    I do intuitive readings for people who wish to reconnect with loved ones who have passed on or people who would like intuitive insight into health, emotional and spiritual issues.

  • Consultations with Emerald
    By Telephone 30 minutes $ 60
    45 minutes $ 85
    1 hour $ 110
    15 minute follow up consultation $ 35
    Consultation Recording $ 10
    Tutoring/1 hour (see Classes) $ 110
    By Email 30 minutes (\1-5 questions) $ 60
    1 hour ( 6-10 questions) $ 110
    In Person Visits
    (Home and Stable)
    1 hour (minimum) $ 110
    plus travel
    each additional 15 minutes $ 27.50
    Group Consultations 1 hour (minimum) $ 110
    plus travel
    each additional 15 minutes $ 27.50
    Gallery Readings 2 hours (minimum) $ 250
    plus travel
    Please make your payment for consultations after confirming arrangement with Emerald.


    Clients please remit prepayment before our appointment by PayPal, check or  money order.  If you are paying by check please make your check payable to Emerald DuCoeur. My mailing address is:

    Emerald DuCoeur
    P.O. Box 771
    Doylestown, PA 18901

    Kindly give 24 hours notice if a consultation must be rescheduled. Missed appointments will be charged, emergencies excepted.

    I look forward to talking with you and your animal family.

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