Client Comments

It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love. It matters only that you love.     ~ John Lennon


Thank you so much for your work with Poot today! I was astounded at all the marks you hit, and I was relieved to hear his side of things and know what to do to make him happier. I loved the way he plunked himself down in your lap and stayed there the whole time. He really felt totally at ease with you. You are a gem, and I know that I'll be seeing you again in the future. Thanks again for a really great session!     ~ S. T.

TYVM Emerald - because of your great insight - I have 3 cats that ALL get along well again. Thanks!     ~ L. V.

Your work with Max and I was wonderful! Max and I just crack up whenever we see each other. We understand each other so much better now, it is just incredible the work you do.     ~ D. P.

Just got back from riding El -- feel like I know him even better since our 'conversation.' It was fun to talk to El through you. But what impressed me most was his reaction To You. He is a friendly horse but I've never seen him quite that outgoing (licking, nuzzling etc.) It's as if he knew, from the moment you appeared in front of his stall, that there's something special about you. Thanks again.      ~ L. S-D.

I just wanted to thank you for speaking with me regarding all my pets. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but when we had finished our session I truly felt that I had learned something important about all of my pets, both past and present. I loved talking to my current was fun and entertaining. I also felt so blessed that I could actually have another chance to talk to my beloved pets who have passed. I feel like I have gained an understanding of several important areas in my pets lives that will help me and hopefully will help improve the relationships with my current furry friends. Your insight is amazing! Thank you again!      ~ J. A.

Just wanted to follow up to our meeting a couple weeks ago. I have to tell you there was an obvious calm after you left. I still need to make the few changes you had suggested but after implementing just a few the change is noticable. The peeing has definately far as I know there may have been only 1 or 2 that have happened since you have been here. The kitties all seem to be happy with the night time arrangement of two younger ones in the basement and old Cutter upstairs. We are all sleeping better! My husband who is on the fence with this type of thing noticed a difference. He made the suggestion to have you back occasionally...would work out less than bet visits...his words!:-) Thanks for everything, especially the 'calm' here in our house:-)     ~ B. M.

I really truly believe you gave me the information that saved my Trixie's life. Thank you! And I'm calling to congratulate you because you picked out the thyroid problem that my vet definately thought he didn't have. He was just amazed, astounded and definately a believer so I wanted to congratulate you on diagnosing Twister for thyroid. You know we love our animals.     ~ J. S.

Thank you so much for the consultation last night! We all loved it and were quite amazed. You have a genuine talent and it was fascinating talking with our kitties. I've been thinking about it all day and have so much more I want to ask them now! So we will definately chat again in the future. The cats all seem very content, happy and cohesive today. And I've promised Huck that I will just take him to our local vet to get neutered as the overnight stay seemed like it would be a bit scary, so I think he's happy about that. Lulu has been eating off a china plate that was my grandmothers away from the other cats and it seems to make her feel pretty special! Queen Agnes (!) has been extremely playful, affectionate and talkative today. Thanks again, we all loved talking with you and we look forward to the next time!     ~ K. B.

Thank you so much!!! They did do better and I'm so happy we pushed on to understand! Emilia needed it as much as Aire! Thank you!!!     ~ C. S. L.

It was a great pleasure speaking with you last week. My husband and I are trying to incorporate the suggestions made by our cats when they were communicating with you. I had to reach out and give you an update on Tegan. When you spoke with her, you mentioned that you felt an ache in your bladder and we suspected that she may have an infection. I took Tegan to the vet on Monday night whre she had urine taken for an analysis. A short time ago today, our vet left a message and said that Tegan's results were consistent with a cat that has bladder stones! While I'm not sure what that will mean as far as treatment yet, I wanted to thank you for helping us to know about Tegan's condition. As you know, cats are notoriously brave about hiding their illnesses and we really appreciate getting the 'early warning'; with Tegan. We will deinitely be back in touch with you again. In fact, I said to my husband that I shoudl schedule regular calls with you like a 'check up' so that you can ask all the cats about their health! Thank you again for your assistance.     ~ L. S.

Thank you for helping to bring us all EVEN CLOSER TOGETHER!     ~ L. & J.

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today. You surprised me with many things known only to Gigi, my husband Mike, and me! The reading brought peace-of-mind knowing how Gigi feels about her food, toys and us. Your reading inspired me to find a holistic vet and get better organic food for her. We've tried pet foods in the past, but she only wants to eat people food. I referred you to my friends :) Thanks again!     M., M. & G. Q. 

I know you probably hear about successes after sessions all the time, and I want to add one more story. You were right when you thought you saw Pinky in the bed/closet area. And then, here is Chicken, getting her lap time. Amazing and touching. Thanks for being so clear! I thought you'd enjoy this speedy result. I'm ending the day with a smile and lighter heart. Thanks for what you do.     ~ D. D.

WOW! BIG Pinky breakthrough tonight! When I came into the house Pinky was sitting on the window sill by the kitchen table (!) and he didn';t bolt when he saw me! I had some treats in my hand and I approached him very slowly. He let me put the treats right next to him. Then I let him sniff my hand. Then he let me touch the edge of his fur, and then.....he let me pet him!!! Wow! Remember how Emerald told you that Chicken said she wants to sit on my lap? A few days ago I started sitting down on the edge of the bed in the back room because Mulder would go back there and call me and then jump up and brush against me for his petting. The day after the consultation with Emerald, Chicken showed up there and pushed Mulder out of the way. The first day she just put her paws on my lap and then jumped down, but each day she would put more of herself on my knees for a little longer before jumping off. This morning she was in the hallway when Mulder and I sat down there, so I called her and she came running and jumped onto my lap very briefly. But then this evening she really settled in, kneading and purring and getting in some serious lap time! Your cat wizard is really good!     ~ K.

Emerald, thank you so much for your wise advice about Priscilla. I followed your suggestions and she has made so much progress! She is becoming sociable and learning to play like a kitten. She also likes that I moved her food bowl over to where Cowboy ate and eats with all the kittens and gets fed extra separately by herself. You were right about there being one kitten who died! It was uncanny! I asked Barbara if there were 5 kittens originally and she said yes, there was one that was dead on arrival. You told me that was what was making Sunny so sad and it was absolutely true! I had a good long talk with her about it and she slept on me for about an hour and now she is starting to cheer up. Thank you again for all the wonderful things that you do!     ~ M. L. S.

You're such a gift to both myself & animal family - I trust your instinct almost more than my own. Again, thank you Emerald.     ~ J. N.

Thank you so much for the wonderful, enlightening, healing & reassuring communication with Baby Cat. I feel even closer to her now, and have an even deeper respect for her. Understanding what is going on with Baby physically is so empowering. The week that I contacted you, I was coming to my wit's end. I knew, when I read your information, that you could help us. I called the vet, and he found what was learned very interesting; he said the liver is the seat of anger. He recommended a supplement based on our new information. Baby has seemed more relaxed since her session with you. Thank you again.     ~ N. S.

Your insight and work with Sonny today are amazing. You are very comfortable to talk with on the phone. Thanks for helping us to understand Sonny's issues/thoughts. As I shared what I learned from you and Sonny today to our family, everyone was amazed at how accurate you are. You and Sonny sure were able to communicate. Thank you so much!    ~ L. Q.

Thank you! I just wanted to give you an update on Indy's back soreness. My Vet came out yesterday and Indy had Chiropractic and acupuncture on him. As you stated, his back issues were in his lower back hip area. You are so gifted. God bless you and thank you again.... Indy says hello <3 We both love you too!     ~ S. D.

The process went well. Staying Calm and having a plan is such great advice. I will remember it forever. The Vet came early so I was in the middle of working with her to go into the squeeze. I asked the Vet to take his hat off and not to go behind her [as Snowflake requested]. In time we narrowed the shoot and she went in. I felt grounded and calm. I put my hands on her back and the shot in the eye was quick, and she was out in less than 5 minutes. This compared to 45 minute ordeal the first time. I told the vet to put the tongs on only after he figures out how to move her head. He understood that the tongs were misused the last time. cannot imagine how much better this went. Dear Emerald, my heart is filled with gratitude for your help and the help of the spirit allies.     ~ N. M.

Thank you so much for our conversation last night. It was enlightening, funny and also had some sad points but those are the things to work harder at! You're the best!!!     ~ P. M.

I can't thank you enough for the time you took yesterday! It was so amazing and filled in a lot of holes for me. As a horse person you want to know you are reading and picking up on things they 'tell' you and with your readings it made me feel I am on track! It is so hard to get these guys in with no history....lost souls of sorts. To be able to help them this way is just incredible! They were all very relaxed yesterday Aire even took a nap in the field. Unusual for him. I wanted to let you know too that Harley will be staying! After your reading I emailed the board and told them I thought it was in his best interest that he not be adopted out and remain with me. They agreed! I told him last night and again this morning and I swear he was smiling at me! Thanks again for your time! I will be back in touch. I am so thankful for your insight and connection with them. By the way I shared Percy's story with the owner just before the Amish...the people he was her...she knew. Thank for everything!     ~ C. S. L.

Thank you for the reading today. Courtney loved it and I know she got a lot from it. She shared some of it with me. It was great to hear from Sterling and that he is happy, even better to hear he is waiting for me. It amazes me you can do this. I was wondering if Pink would say anything about Courtney not being around for a while and she did. Pink if the dark bay mare with the shooting star on her face. They love each other and are very much alike! Thank you very much.     ~ M. T.

You blessed us (Chelsea and me)!!     ~ V. C.

Your conversation with Chase aligned perfectly with my intuition. We love each other so much. All we can do is walk the walk together until he needs to take a separate path.     ~ S. W.

I just wanted to say thank you again for your time last night. This was my first time experiencing a consultation. After taking time to think about our discussion it was fascinating to me how many experiences I though of that related to what we talked about. I now have so many new ideas for improving my relationship with my cats and for that I am grateful. We have already changed Gambit's food and he is gobbling it up like CRAZY :-) Thank you for all of your help and guidance and I hope to talk to you again in the future.     ~ L. F.   

Thank you XOXO     ~ K. & M.

Its's high time I mentioned to you that, starting just after our talk with Daisy, her cringing and avoiding about putting on her collar has just about disappeared! I did the joking and 'gee it won'e fit on me' part that you suggested. It started changing markedly, straight away, and by now is only a faint shadow of her previous worry. Wow! Thank you!!     ~ W. G.

Thank you so much for talking to Arnold on such short notice. You are such a great help to us. Arnold is doing great. Begging for food and playing like a mad man.     ~ M. & C. Z.

Thank you so much for the reading. I treasure the opportunity to converse with my Animals - and you are the perfect channel in my book! Your translations and the way you do language issues are so skillfully crafted - which is a special gift all on its own! I hope to talk with you again before too long as it was very helpful to me.     ~ P. D.

You communicated with my older cat Cashmere and I told you that in that session 'I had the time of my life!' I thought it was more fun than I practically ever had hearing through you what Cashmere had to say so Thank You!!!     ~ S. G.

I just wanted to thank you. In my panic and grief and fear, you took time out of your day, extemporaneously and spontaneously and I really appreciate that. Not many professionals would do that. Leo's doing well. Yes, he had gas and it was two days of ridiculous amounts of explosions.
He's better, so he's going to be living at a farm that he knows for about a year. He's going to be put out to pasture, he can have some fun. He's going to be with sheep, he loves sheep. All is well. I am truly blessed, blessed to have you in my life and all these wonderful beings. Thank you so much.
     ~ N. M.

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Everything you said about Omar was true.     ~ A. W.

I was pleased to see you last week and appreciate, as always, that you share your insights. When I came home that evening, Shadowfax immediately sensed something, 'though I'm not sure what to call it. We have been communicating on a deeper/higher level ever since. He knows that I know and I know that he knows. It is wonderful. I treasure your gifts and your generosity.     ~ A. K.

I have been meaning to email you to let you know that things are going beautifully here. The boys are getting along and the spraying has almost stopped completely. Couldn't be happier about that! Molly is very friendly and is sporting a belly full of soft fur now (she isn't licking it off any more). Annie is of course still Annie, can't tamper with perfection. I do miss fostering the kittens but this was obviously the right decision and I couldn't have done it without you. Your insights have helped me better understand the furry creatures I live with, to see their perspective and to realize that they absorb much more from me than I ever could have imagined. You have made me a better Mom and given me tools to achieve harmony in my home. Thank you, from all of us, from the bottom of our hearts for restoring harmony to our household.     ~ C. J.

You were so wonderful with my daughter's horse! Thank you, thank you, thank you!     ~ N. M.

You are a blessing <3     ~ A. Z.

I just wanted to let you know that after our talk I started to rub Beau's right hip and he just dropped his head right to the ground and he loved it so much. So thank you for letting me know.     ~ A. A.

Just wanted to send you an update. Remy has been eating the Stella and Chewy's beef patties - whew! Another interesting change that happened after we talked with Remy is that he became more cuddly again. He had become somewhat aloof, but now he's 'Mr. Cuddleupagus' again. We're very happy for that because he's so much fun to cuddle with! We've had no more trouble with Twiggy and her food since our phone call. She dropped the copy cat thing and has been eating normally. With Remy it has taken more coaxing, but he is eating well now. I've referred you to several people because you've been such a big help for us. Thanks for everything!     ~ L. R.

My horse Indy is doing much better.......we have a horse show tomorrow. Thank you soooooo much <3     ~ S. D.

Just a note to fill you in on the cut on Leila's leg. As you relayed, the cut on her leg was not very big at all. So thank you.     ~ C. B.

You are an amazing woman Emerald. Thank you so much for coming into our lives with your warmth and exceptional ability! Rosey and Daisy as well as Jen and I are truly grateful. As always, Emerald, you warm my heart :-)    ~ K. S.-P.

The rest of that day following your visit, Skip (Palomino), strutted around with his tail conspicuously high as if to announce he was QUITE capable. Chase (big horse with the Clydesdale-like feet) and I have made substantial progress since your visit. Chase is more obvious in his desire for company. You may remember because at first you said this horse likes to be 'leaned on.' Then you looked up and said, 'He LOVES you!' Chase is very itchy so when I visit I brong a stiff brush and let him show me where he wants to be scratched. He is super careful moving his big self around me in the stall to direct me to all the itch spots; one side to the other and back again. Chase has been a lot better about letting me leave (not blocking the doorway) since I took you advice and remind both he and Eiliad I'll be back soon.     ~ D. H.

Thank you so much for the readings. They really did confirm many of the things that I thought my animals were trying to tell me! Thanks again!     ~ J., J., B. & F. T.

I had a reading with you at some point last year -- at that point you told me my dog Mr. Smith was doing pretty well with his kidney ailments, but had some back issues. You also told me that my daughter's dog (that she had to give up because of him nipping at the baby) had found a good home. Recently, Mr. Smith had some x-rays done -- it showed he had a few 'compressed vertebra' in the mid-back region. Not great news, but he's doing okay. However, I just found out that as of late last summer, Lt. Dan had indeed found a good home. I just saw a photo of him online, lying on his back on a couch. It just made my heart sing! You are totally awesome! I just wanted you to know you were spot on with the dogs!     ~ L.

We all loved talking to you. We appreciate your incredible insight. The kids agreed that Eagle was not the right name and loved Bear Bear/Teddy Bear.     ~ L. Q.

I wanted to give you an update. I have no kitty problems. In fact, they are doing well. The Purr-cey Pen has worked out fine. They like to sit up high and survery their domain. He seems content to stay on the deck. Yeah!!!! And they really do get along well. I see Boris play-chasing Purr-cey as often as I see the reverse. We've come along way (thanks to you). Every once in a while, Purr-cey decide that he wants to lie wherever Boris is lying. But, Boris and I can live with that.      ~ A. L.

Thanks so much Emerald! We really enjoyed talking to you and I think it's possible Jimmy believes in your abilities (he's skeptical of everything.) The dogs are all doing well. Thanks =)     ~ S. P.

You should go check this woman out, she is amazing!     ~ M. B. L.

Thank you soooo much :-) It's always a pleasure talking with you. Licks, Purrs, love.     P., S. & G.

I've felt so much closer with my dogs and animals in general from the first conversation I had with you over the phone several months ago. You've really expended my awareness. And I was eating ice cream while I was reading this...hahaha. [She wants to know if you've eaten anything good, maybe like ice cream?] Thank you so much emerald!     ~ C. C.

You have talked to my cat Sebastian a few times. This last time seems to have made a world of difference. Thank you so much for your help.
 ~ K. H.

Digger has been doing much better this week and I think it's because of
you. I think he is looking forward to talking with you again. Thank you.
~ C. C.

Thank you so much for visiting with Jay and me (and Kess and Jack, too) a few weeks ago. Although some parts of your observations deeply saddened me, I know I had to hear them. I have continued with (and increased) massages for Jay, including his tail, which I would not have considered for massage before. I have also enlisted your suggestions for talking to and communicating with Jay. Shortly after your visit, I was so excited to see his old ornery look of play and recognition and the wag of his tail, most of which had been gone since the surgery over two months ago. Also, to my joy and amazement, he walked the full length of the back yard and then tore through the house at breakneck speed just like he used to do. Words cannot convey how deeply grateful I am to you. Thank you.     ~ E. S.

I would like to thank you for your time today talking with my horse, Indy. It was a pleasure meeting you and I will always keep in touch. You are deeply blessed with a wonderful gift!     ~ S. D.

I wanted to get back to you about my daughter-in-law's dog, Tank. Yes, the holistic vet insisted on a test for Cushings. Her vets refused to do it, so he did it and he has Cushings. So you were right, he had a physical problem. God bless you. So now the holistic vet is going to start treating him. Hopefully that will work and problem will be over. I can't thank you enough for recommending that it's not mental or emotional, but physical, and also recommending the holistic vet that insisted on having the test. I just heard you went to see a friend of mine whose dog Angel died. You helped her too. You're a very big help to an awful lot of people. Thank you.     ~ P. P.

Thank you for a wonderful session. Lots to think about on many levels. What can I say? You're the best.     ~ C. Y.

I had the great pleasure of meeting you at a friend's barn in NJ a few weeks ago. You spent a half hour with me and we talked about my two horses, Topper and Zip, another horse, Java, and my two dogs, Sophie and Arthur. It was a wonderful, very enlightening experience and I went right back to my barn and told everyone about you.     ~ L. D.

You communicated with my horse, Monster, my husband's horse, Eiliad, and my cat Tala at Red Tail Farm. First, let me say how much I enjoyed the process and how much I appreciated all the insights you gave me. Second, you expressed interest in hearing about progress with the situation with Tala. You mentioned an 'outside' incident with our second cat, Milo, as the possible cause. But at the time, I could not recall any. You also found that Tala no longer felt like she was allowed by Milo to go into our bedroom. While I did not completely understand the cause of the conflict between the two cats, I thought I could at least take a few steps to better the current state. I moved the bed Tala had been using up to our bedroom. When I got home from work, Tala was looking out of the front window (one of her former behaviors). That evening she showed up to eat her dinner in her usual spot and has been eating in her old spots ever since. She also has been adding back more former behavior. Last night my husband arrived home to find the two cats sitting side by side in the front window. I think we are well on our way to resolving the problem. I finally remembered an 'outside' incident with Milo. So now I feel like I finally understand what is going on. Thank you so much for your help.
~ L. S.

Thank you so much. I very much appreciate your time and your gift of communication.     ~ C. P.

I saw you for a consultation late last summer. I was in the process of trying to decide whether I should adopt a Golden Retriever from my next-door neighbor, who was leaving him totally alone, sometimes for 17 hours at a time, with no potty break and no companionship. You were SO right about everything I needed to know, and after a couple of months, I was able to adopt him. He's been with me since November. Thanks, Emerald.     ~ S. T.

Have to relay to you how incredible your reading of Lilly was. I already told you of being right on about what you said - but you will be astonished (at least my daughter is) about the changes that have occurred. Yay, Emerald!!!     ~ C.

You always leave us with much to ponder, and we thank you! What a great suggestion that was for Bunky. I feel so much better.     ~ P. B.

What a wonderful experience that was with you and Kat. Thank you so much. We both commented that we have seen remarkable changes. The most interesting of which is that the endless meowing has decreased dramatically. This morning I got up really early and he just followed me without saying a word (this is a first). I have been talking to him more in my head, and he seems to get it. What we have here is a much reformed cat or is that much more informed and aware Kat providers. Thank you again for the wonderful communication with Kat.     ~ L. & D. M.

Thank you so much for our session last weekend. I wanted to let you know that I've been doing the smell experiement you suggested and to great results thus far. Just last night, Luna sat next to Larrie and put her paw on her. That is the first time that has ever happened. Thank you!     ~ R. F.

Thank you so much for meeting with us yesterday. We feel like we have a better understanding of our dogs and a better relationship with them already. It was so enlightening and such a wonderful experience. Again, we can't thank you enough for the time you spent with us.     ~ S. M.

I want to thak you for all the insights and help with my babies and my sister. Thank you.     ~ D. L.

As I write this Willie is sleeping on the sofa in the living room and Ebby is snoozing in her crate. I think the talk tonight tired Willie. For me it felt like a curtain being pulled aside and for a little while I could see the bigger picture. I wish I could keep that curtain open all the time. Thank you for the insights into what my precious companions are thinking and feeling. They are what I felt they were, and so much more, and if it is possible I love them even more.     ~ K. K.

Thank you so much Emerald, it was really nice to hear from Lana--even though I've had her for a year, I've never had a communication session with her and it verified everything that I already felt about her intuitively.  ~ A. L.

Thank you!! The reading was very enlightening!     ~ A. & B.

Something very significant happened for Sammy and me in our phone conversation with you yesterday. I feel such a new warm bond with him, and I can see he feels the same. He is more confident and calm, has only SLIGHTLY resisted going outside and then, when he did, he was just FINE out there. His new behavior about going outside is wonderful, yes -- but the BEST part is this warmth and confidence and TRUST -- it is so ALIVE between us. Now that he knows this IS his permanent home, it has lifted a veil from between us that was ever so subtle but was in fact powerful. I thank you so VERY much. What you have done for us -- and indeed the whole experience of communicating with you -- it HAS been like magic. Thanks again, Emerald, and I am sure we will be talking again -- because with all these dogs, there are LOTS of issues I need to address from time to time!     ~ J. C.

For anyone who has never experienced Emerald's amazing gift, I recommend it!     ~ A. S.

A few years ago you helped me tremendously with Molly, the dog who saved us from a gas leak, but who had terrible fears afterwards. She got so much better and in so many ways has confidence beyond anything I'd ever thought. Thanks Emerald.     ~ K. R.

Thank you again for your time and insight! Maisey and I are grateful!     ~ S. & M.

I'm sure you have had many confirmations of your intuitive work over the years but just wanted to let you know that yes Roshi was on dry food plus Cesar's. He will be on his usual wet food soon but he seems to have been fine on this. Also he was indeed sunning himself in the light as you saw him. I love checking in this way.     ~ C. K.

Did u ever talk to Emerald DuCoeur! I'm telling you its amazing!     ~ M. & C.

Emerald provides insights that are astonishing in their accuracy and her knowledge is uncanny. She is a very warm, personable and understanding guide to your animal's problems and quirks. Her communication with animals is spot-on and you really have to experience her abilities - you will become a believer! Even if you have a healthy skepticism, you will be surprised at what she can tell you!     ~ M. S.

I wanted to Thank you for coming out to meet with us. I loved having you to my home. Nikki did in fact go to sniff Annie's ashes last night. She started to shake this morning when we all were getting ready for work but I did leave our tee shirts hoping to comfort her during our absence. You are a remarkable person.     ~ A. C.

Thank you for sharing your gift with my family last night. We have much to think about and discuss. The memory of someone falling bothered me and when I mentioned it to my daughter, she reminded me that she fell in early May and was injured. I had completely forgotten about this when we were talking last night. I'd like to talk with you again after trying a few things here.     ~ L. R. W.

I am so thankful to have met you :) I tried to make an appointment at Cutter's Mill but you are booked until September--you are very very popular!!! I also wanted to thank you for all your support with BJ.     ~ J.

Emerald is the real deal!     ~ M. S.

Oh my gosh! You were so spot on with your communications with Max. Daisy does shake! Kevin calls her Boogy Butt because when she get excited, she shakes all over!! When you mentioned what Bear said about places to sleep -- I just about fell off my chair! Max sleeps in almost all of the same places in the bedroom that Bear used to sleep. And I have told Max many times that I will never leave him and Kevin really really likes him -- unbelievably so. And how Max knew I was coming home early today -- I must have told him last night or something. I did come home 2 hours early today. I feel better knowing that he's happy and he will continue to be spoiled rotten (he really hit the jackpot with us!). I don't know how to thank you for talking to Max.     ~ J. H.

That was quite amazing! Thank you again for your fun and sensitive work!!!! loved it!     ~ K. L.

Thank you for such a lovely experience Saturday. Nick is doing well (he is here with me as I type this) and will be coming home with us this evening. It was wonderful speaking with you. Thanks again.     ~ R. P.

You came to our house a while back to talk to our calico Lucy and a little bit to Luigi, her companion. I've been meaning to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed the session and how Lucy has evolved since then. Her behavior changed almost immediately. She became more confident, goes outside happily but stays pretty close to home, and is more gentle to Luigi. They have become buddies! She still doesn't jump very high but does manage to go up onto lower levels quite confidently. She is quite attacted to me, almost doglike. I talk to her, tell her when I'm leaving and when I'll return. I think she understands. Thanks for your help.     ~ L. P.

I just wanted to touch base to thank you for our consultation yesterday. I can't believe how time flew during our conversations. You mentioned that Josh said he had had a regal name prior to moving in with us. His registered name is: Aero von Jagerstadt. Susie said when she went out to visit the ducks last night, Pumpkin didn't want her to leave the pen. He kept getting inbetween her and the gate, something he's not done before :D After you told me Spanky has an ulcer, I bought him some Sea Buckthorn supplement for horses to add to his feed. Today I'm heading out to trim his feet and take special note of what you told me. Again, it was a pleasure working with you and I so look forward to your hlep in the near future.     ~ C. M.

You've been a great help to myself and my baby cat Arlie. First when Arlie needed to have his teeth pulled, then when he was urinating outside his cat box.     ~ B. & A.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for your time (and energy) last weekend. It truly was an exhilarating afternoon - to say the least. We can't wait to have you back!!! Since your visit I have been working on being more patient and gentle when I'm around Pippin. As a result, Pippin seems much more relaxed when I'm in his stall and under saddle. So thank you for that. It's made all the difference in the world to me (and him)!     ~ L. F.

I wanted to let you know that surgery for Buddy went well. He ended up having two tumors removed. It was pretty painful on Tuesday night for him but he has been recovering wonderfully since. My Mom waited with him like he asked. Buddy is usually very nervous going to the vet ... my Mom said that he did not shake at all Tuesday morning. And when I brought him back to have the drains removed, he was calm then too! Our conversation and all the prayers helped him immensely. Thank you!!     ~ A. & B. Z.

I am so blessed by your amazing gift and love of the animals that share the Earth with us. Thank you once again for caring about me and my family.     ~ S. W.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us yesterday! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed learning more about my kids. I feel like I could've had you there for another 3 hours! I honestly was surprised by how much time flew by. It was such a pleasure meeting you (and I know that comes from all of us)! Yesterday you gave me a gift of voice and connection. I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much for your care and interest.     ~ K., R., N. & K. N.

Thank you so much! I love our talks with the cats!     ~ K.

We all really enjoyed your time with us. Thanks for coming, you (and Lucy) have certainly given me a lot to think about. Lucy has been 'talking' to us much more. Also, you might be interested to hear that she is much more assertive since you were here. Our little baby has grown up!     ~ L. P. & M. L.

Thanks so much for all your help with the horses & dogs. I can't tell you how much their safety & understanding means to me.     ~ N. K.

Thank you for the talk today. It puts things into a different perspective, that I couldn't have come to otherwise. I made a vet appointment for Ella, moved her bowls and took Chester outside (for starters). Thank you. Things are turning.     ~ P. W.

Thanx so much for an amazingly wonderful and heavenly session! I feel like life will be as good as it gets when I can hold Maxi in my arms as normal! As always, your insight and gifts are inspiring! Much gratitude and love!!     ~ B. G.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the reading. What you couldn't see during the reading was Simba's reaction. He got up and came over to the table where we were and sat very focused for a bit and then started 'preening' as if to say 'Hey, this is all about me!' New behaviors for him! The next morning he came into the kitchen (somewhat hesitantly) to get his breakfast and treats with his brothers and sisters. That was a first. He also ran and used a litterbox where I could see him and got a big 'Good Simba!' He really seems to be trying! And he loves his little kitten toy - he played with it and carried it around all night after I brought it home! Thanks again for the reading - it seems to have helped better understand my newest addition.     ~ P. C.

I talk "to" Obi but clear responses are priceless. I can't thank you enough for talking "with" him.     ~ J. N.

I am very fortunate that my Vet respects Animal Communicators. I gave him a copy of what Archie told Emerald last night about his symptoms to read and he was very grateful to have the added info. He reminded me that this is not the first time that a reading from Emerald helped him treat Archie more effectively. Thanks Emerald, you're the BEST!     ~ L.

I really enjoyed our conversations with the pups last evening. Thank you very much for the insight and prayers!     ~ V. H.

It was great meeting you yesterday with our dog, Gracie, and we learned a lot from our conversation -- Many Thanks and Blessings, Emerald.     ~ V. R.     

Thank you so much for the wonderful consultation yesterday. I have implemented everything and, keep your fingers crossed, it is working. We talk about a pre-set limit when we go out and last night it took her 30 seconds to go - quite an improvement from the usual 10 minutes!! Last night we played on the floor, then ran around the house and she had a ball. I've had no problem getting her to come to me when we go out - I don't say a word - just go to the door and put my coat on. You are so wonderful with the animals, I am envious of your amazing talent.     ~ J. N.

Everyone at the barn commented today on how your presence was so calm and comforting. they all loved you, how could they not? You've helped us so much!     ~ L. E. S.

Thank you so much for your help! Oliver and Jaxon send their love!     ~ J. S.

I want to thank you very much for coming into our home and communicating with my cats! I feel as if I have a better understanding of what they have been thinking/feeling over the past month and a half. Thanks again! You do a wonderful thing -- a Mitzvah!      ~ L. V.

So nice to talk to you. Everything you said was right on target. Madison really enjoyed it as did we. Thank you for all the great info.     ~ J. M.

Good news! I did energy work a couple of times yesterday and told Lilly what I was doing. Lilly slept with me most of the night. When I got up, I saw that she had wet the peepee pad sometime during the night. It was a big puddle! I was so excited and made a really big deal about it and she was quite proud of herself. This is what I'm looking for - that she use the pads when she needs to if I can't take her out. She's been much friskier also since yesterday. I'll keep you posted on anything new and exciting. PS - Sharon says to tell you that Ceasar is doing great!!   ~ N. C.

Thanx for a great session! Just talking to the precious ones is inspiring! And as usual, you are a blessing to our life.     ~ B. G.

I wanted to give you an update on Leo, the horse. We had the surgery and they went in and they found a floating bone chip. That's what he was talking about - that there was something pushing out of the area in the ankle. They took the chip out and he did very well coming out of anesthesia. He was very happy and moving well. Thank you very much. Isn't it fascinating that he told us that there was something coming out of a hole? In the CT scan, you could see a dark hole in the middle. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.     ~ N. M.   

Thank you very much for speaking with Carlene and I yesterday. I love it when I can understand where she is coming from.     ~ M. B. L.

Just wanted to say hello from my Standardbred, Indy & I. We have earned a few 2011 National Standardbred Awards: Champion Standardbred in hunter paces and Reserve Champion Standardbred in Western Showmanship. You have helped me in the past and wanted to give you an update.     ~ S. D.

Thank you for talking at length with Djembe and Shaman. I think Djembe really loves you. And I learned a lot about both ot them. Life is challenging for our family right now. It's so good to talk with you.     ~ S. W.

Guess what, Emerald, he did it! He jumped the jump and he took second place with 183 points. Thanks for your help because he went over like a champ and I got a picture of it too! You should see him fly over that high jump. Thanks again.     ~ C. D.

Thanks again for your help. I thoroughly enjoyed it.     ~ L. W.

Wow! What great info from Mr. Zorro. Your communication with him is very enlightening and helps explain so much. We're busy making plans to restore him to happiness. I've located a small, skinny loose ring snaffle that we're going to try for mouth comfort. A call will be made this morning to an equine chiropractor/massage vet for an appt for him.  And, of course, I do plan to go back to "goofing around and saddling up for a ride" with Zorro, so he can "fly." Thank you so much.  It's been delightful working with (thru) you. You've been such a great help.      ~ D. P.

Thank you as always for the wonderful insight. I love it.     ~ J. H.

This is absolutely wonderful to receive and will comfort Denny immeasurably. You are divinely gifted. We are deeply grateful recipients of your spiritual talents.     ~ J. P. B.

I just wanted to share the wonderful news!!!! Jim officially adopted Jinglebell yesterday :) He said your session helped so much. Thanks Emerald.     ~ L.

This is a personal thank you note for all you have done for us. Danny is starting her 2d week of school and doing ok. She is bright and I am sure she will learn quickly. Danny doesnt know, but I signed the adoption forms today. She also has a new name, LOOKING EAST DANNY. I am hoping she will be able to put her past behind, wake up facing the sun and Atlantic Ocean with a breeze in her mane. Danny is the last rescue Equus Farm will be taking due to my age. She is definitely special. Thank you again. You are simply amazing.     ~ A. H.

I was thrilled to read every word you wrote, I must have read the entire letter five times yesterday ... plus again today! Anyway, a bunch of things you said were definately right dead on ... like his deep bark, how overly excited he gets, and the strange way we exchange looks to each other. I do cry whenever he leaves! Too funny. Thank you so, so much. This really means a lot to me.     ~ K. D.

Thank you so much. Ceasar went to the hospital and received pepcid and another medication to coat his stomach. We really appreciate that you took my call and made the time to help me and Ceasar communicate more clearly. I will let everyone know that you sent kisses! Thanks again!     ~ S. C.

I would like to thank you so very, very much for talking with us last week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.     ~ T. M.

I have to email you an update on the chi situation! First of all -- they all three seemed so grateful toward me after we talked. It was like I could just feel them emanating "thank you!" for communicating with them through you. Anyway, I have been talking to them, like you advised. My husband and I went out for the afternoon last week and we told them where we were going and that we would be back soon and we came back to no marking in the entire house. Seriously, this is HUGE for us all. I believe it's the first time it's happened. Thanks!     ~ J. F.

I met you at an event with my cat Johnny. I tell all my friends how you were dead on with Johnny's info. Thank you for offering your services!     J. S.

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your time to talk with Fritz (the yorkie terrier). He has been much more relaxed and many less 'accidents' in the house. He even comes directly to us when he wants something now. I'd say if anything he gets impatient when I can't read his thoughts like you could. It's a bit funny. But in general, he is much less worried and going about his daily tasks with more joy. Thank you again.     ~ M. C.

We appreciate your help & appreciate the work that you do & the gift you have!     ~ M. M.

Desert spent two nights in the hospital on IV fluids and it was only the second night that she received antibiotics cause it took them so long to look into the ear thing. (Remember during our session, Desert asked for IV fluids AND antibiotics?) Now she is home, and she is so much better. Thank you for helping me make the decision to bring her, I know they saved her life, so that is invaluable to me!     ~ K. P.

Many thanks as always - I feel the session brought both she and I more clarity and understanding.     ~ K. R. L.

I enjoyed the opportunity to watch you work with Lillie, and to observe the discussion you had with the big chestnut colored guy on the way out of the barn. His response was to sool to watch. Thank you so much for your help!     ~ R. R.

Frodo is home and happy, getting lots of love and attention. He is responding to steroids, so it looks like he is going to stick around with us. Still needs help getting up, but can get himself from one place to another as long as there are no stairs. I'm so glad I consulted with you.     ~ K. D.

It's taken this long to even start to absorb all that took place on Saturday. What a wonderful gift. I spent the evening trying to take in as much as I could. The whole family seemed to feel the same way. I never really realized how many animal friends lived with us. It was kind of mind blowing. It was interesting to feel the energy that was around after our talk with you & the animals. Everyone was so happy and content. We all wanted to be together. This feeling is still hanging around for the most part. Our rescue dog seems to be doing better. She seems to be working things out with the cats. Dakota seems to have a "new spark" in his step. My tenderhearted Amaroo and my sweet Didgeri-do-da-day seemed to enjoy the moment and the energy. Miss Midnight has been floating on a cloud reminding us of her place in this house. They all seem more in tune with each other since Saturday night. Again, thank you so much.  ~ W. W.

I just wanted to thank you again for coming over on Friday. Herminone is sitting by the window for the first time in months!! I walked her to her spot, and read her Billy's book this morning. She stayed on the floor between the couch and the chair, and just a few minutes ago she jumped up and is bird watching! I know I have a ways to go with her, but your insight will continue to be a tremendous help in her comfort and happiness. Thank you so much.     ~ A. S.

Thank you for your help with my cats. Maggie is pure sunshine as you said.     ~ D. L.

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday! You, Yakir and Kitty were all wonderful! I feel sooooooooo much at ease now!     ~ E. D.

Samantha is back to her normal self. Thank God. And she was correct about our trip length, turns out it was 4 more days longer this year. Thanks for your communication help.     ~ T. & P. K.

Everyone I send to you loves working with you!!!!!     ~ K.

I can't thank you enough for all you have done to help Lily. I really, really appreciate it. You are a very special person, and meeting you this weekend was truly a privilege. I hope someday I can communicate with animals a little bit like you do. More than anything I want to help animals live comfortable and happy lives.     ~ K. A.

On Wednesday when we were scheduled to speak to you at 11:00, I had told Vinnie and Reese and Anu the time we would be communicating with them as you requested. At precisely 11:00 Vinnie came and got me and I looked at the clock and realized I needed to call you right then. I think between the 5 (meaning You Emerald included) of us we've all done good. Thank you so much.     ~ J. H.

Emerald is deeply connected with animals and the spiritual world. She is deeply loving, kind and talented!     ~ S. R.

I just want to say how good the consult was for me. You really were right about my cats personalities and likes and dislikes..and I never told you about them. I'm impressed.     ~ F.

I was so fortunate to have you help Wolfie and Snick talk to me - it was so wonderful - thank you so much for the experience.     ~ P. B.

If you remember us, we brought our dog Sassy and our cat Spaz to you. Spaz was our issue, he was a stray that we found at about 3 weeks of age, bottle fed him and gave him lots of love. He was just over a year when we brought him to you and he was growing nastier by the day. It had gotten so bad the grandchildren were afraid to go near him. Thanks to you he was able to tell us that he was really a very good boy deep down but that he was extremely frustrated because no one in the household would play the game he wanted to play. He showed you a picture of grabbing on and rolling around the floor (which seemed to be exactly what he always tried to do with whomever he encountered--he was all teeth and claws). We decided a playmate might be the thing. Just before Christmas we found Fargo on Craig's list. Since we brought Fargo into the house Spaz has been a changed cat. He never lets her out of his sight, grooms her, gives up food to her and yes, grabs on and rolls around the floor. Thanks again for helping us understand.     ~ P. D.

Thank you so much! Yoshi now has lots of light and a flat litter box. Please know I am very grateful for your help and insights!     ~ C. C.

Just wanted to give you an update ... Blue Eyes is doing great. Your communication with him was so helpful -- many of the things you told me about him have made it much easier to understand him and I am sure I will be calling again in the future.  He was really very open with you and seems very responsive to you, thank you so much.     ~ A.

Just to let you know, Tilly had a delightful and placid time while we were away. She did not fret at all. Thank you so much for your help, dear Emerald!     ~ D. & T. G

My husband and I met you on Saturday along with our 2 shelties, Chase and Connor. One of our problems with Connor was that he would bark when Chuck and I kissed or embraced. You communicated to Connor and told him that I was safe and it was okay. To our amazement, we have kissed several times and now Connor just watches, no more barking! In fact, I used the words, "I'm safe" when I was drying my hair this morning (always a barking session!) and he stopped and just watched. You are truly amazing! I only wish we asked you to tell Chase that no one is trying to steal his food! :-) Thanks again. We look forward to meeting with you again!    ~ H. P.

Thank you! That was really great, very helpful, clarifying and refreshingly fun! They are quite a troupe of cats, aren't they?     ~ K. L.

Ted and I are watching tv and thinking about you!!! Meeting you was amazing and I can't wait to do it again!!! Please send along the protein list that might benefit Teddy. Anything I can do to make his life better is what I want to do. Thanks again for everything. It was wonderful meeting and speaking with you.     ~ R. & T.

Thanks so much for coming to the boxer rescue event and spending so much time with Brandee and Tori and I. I got some great chewy toys for Brandee yesterday and took her out to run a few times. She was pretty calm this morning when I left for work so I am hopeful we will be able to help her be more comfortable soon. I am attaching the "story of Tori" which I wrote just after she died. I thought you might be interested in taking a look at it as some of what it says really parallels some of what Tori told you on Saturday. It was wonderful meeting you and thanks again for your help!     ~ G. M.

Thank you so much for our meeting with Mao yesterday. I can't tell you how happy it's made me.     ~ J. A.

I just wanted to thak you very much for your visit. We ALL were thankful for all your help with our girls. The girls kept following me around tonight when I got home from work. Holly and Janie both gave me a lot of eye contact. I do have to tell you tho--last thunder storm Janie was a mess so I put one of Frank's tee shirts on and proceeded to wash and get ready for work. It was a very loud one and Janie went into her bed and went to sleep. This has Never happened before. Thanks again for soming and being soooooooooo good at what you do.     ~ E. D.

It's a privilege and an amazing chance to be able to bring you to friends!
~ D. G.

Alex and Caesar are a tad more compatible the last two days. Alex has not chased Caesar to where Caesar stays where he was chased. Now Caesar gets on his chair and Alex goes to the cat trees. There is still chasing but Caesar doesn't seem as upset as before all the time..only a little now and then. I think it's coming along rather well now. I told Dr. Gardner all about how good your reading was with my furkids.     F.

It was wonderful for me and I am sure for the animals as well being able to talk with you last night! I am still absorbing the experience. Thank you very much.     ~ K. N.

I'm sending you Hi Fives! Thanks for the nose high feeding bowl suggestion. It helps with my digestion.     ~ C. C.

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I felt a great energy shift, clamness and a sense of contentment around the house, on all our family memebers after our session. Wat a wonderful gift and service you provide!
~ P. & C. G.

Thank you so much for your reading of Kesey & Annabelle over the weekend! We enjoyed it very much! To follow up, when we got home, Annabelle seemed much happier than usual and was bouncing around the house. To answer Annabelle's complaint that Kesey was sleeping in her bed and Kesey's complaint that Annabelle kept telling her to go back to her bed down the hall, we took Kesey's bed out of the laundry room and put it in the living room. Just wanted to follow up! Thanks!    ~ S. M.

I am so grateful that we found you because I always feel closer to my girls after they talk to you. Thanks.     ~ L. H.

Best wishes to you and all the people and pets out there that you do so much for, I'm not sure you even realize how much you do, it's TONS, and I am here to tell you that. I have never met a Pet Communicator as good as you, you certainly have a gift. Thanks again.     ~ J. H.

I think of you often and always with a smile! I'm hoping to find time to fill you in on my crew and how everyone is doing. Giving your name to another client.     ~ W.

I wanted to thank you once again for your help with understanding what Pia Maria was thinking on her surgery. When we got home from our visit
with you, Pia, who rarely greets us at the door, came bounding down the stairs as we came in, full of energy and happiness in her face, raced into the living room and proceeded to lay on the floor on her back loudly purring. I went on the floor next to her and she filled my face with love kisses and I knew what she was feeling.  I feel as though a burden has lifted for all of us about the surgery. Thank you so much from our hearts.
      ~ B. & J.

Frank is doing so much better it's crazy. Only negative, he's spraying. It's gotten better, so I hope it passes. Guess he's trying to show me how well the pipes are working :) Thank you so very much for saving him! He owes you BIG time. Thank you for EVERYTHING!     ~ J. N.

Thank You so much for talking with Peewee, Taz & I! What an amazing experience.     ~ L. S.

That was a remarkable, profound and life altering experience for me -- What a gift! It actually all felt right.      ~ K.

Thank you so much for your reading. The suggestion to give Buddy time limits in the park has been working out wonderfully so far. Buddy seems to have had his load lightened since our talk as well. He has been particularly perky and playful with Arny. It has been so much fun to watch. Arny has also become more affectionate. (since our talk it seems??) He is finally starting to allow himself to enjoy being pet and belly rubbed...still working on cuddling:) Thank you again!     ~ A. Z.

Over the summer I brought my two dogs to you for a reading. At the time you mentioned that you were getting the sense that there was something wrong with Clyde's heart. Clyde has many other physical issues but heart trouble was not one that I was aware of at the time. You said I should have the vet check it out and then let you know. Well - it turns out you were on to something - following some tests I learned that Clyde's heart is enlarged on one side and he is suffering from congestive heart failure. I just wanted to close the loop and validate what you told me. Clyde is on some new meds and seems to be responding. My goal is to keep him as comfortable and pampered as I can.     ~ R. C.

I want to thank you for remembering so much of our conversations with and about Jake. I am seeing some changes in him, since your conversation. He is more alert and inquisitive. I will be in touch.     ~ J.

I just wanted you to know, we took Holly and Janie to our Holistic vet this week. I told Dr. D-- what you found with Janie (low thyroid), he suggested the thyroid panel be done. So we did. Dr. called me today and told me that Janie was in fact low. She never really had a lot of symptoms. Dr. D-- was very impressed with your work. I know Janie will be sooooooo happy that I will not have to constantly worry about cutting back and watching everything she eats. She does love her food!!!!!!!!! Thank you once again.
~ E. S.

Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. Everyone (once again) loved you and all you had to offer!! Thanks again.     ~ P. M.

Emerald DuCoeur is amazing.     ~ L. P.

This communication helped me understand my dog better, knowing that her intention was to try and protect me let me stop fixating on needing to solve the problem and just try and work with her to let her know that the other dogs aren’t threats. I realize that my own body language and actions are influencing her causing me to tense up. I am working on changing this. Great fun. Thanks.     ~ M. P.

Thanks so very much for the session today. You have such a gift.  ~ L. S.

I wanted to let you know that Iman is almost back to himself. He is looking out the window, getting up with me during the night and he is drinking water. After the phone call with you, Iman did come out from under the bureau and laid down on the bed. So talking with you helped him so much. Thanks again for your time and your prayers.     ~ H. G.

Thank you so much for coming and giving us a session! It was great! I wanted to give you some feedback. I talked with my sister, and told her what you and Cali talked about. Cali had told you that she had some reproductive issues. Randi said that Cali has problems with her mammary glands which confirms what Cali told you. I wanted to tell you about the "special bed" that Cali asked for during her recovery.  Randi said that the dogs have a water bed which they share. The first one leaked and now she has a new one and will move it back in the bedroom. Also, when you talked to my Kitty she told you she had many things the matter with her. I had spoken with the vet at Garden State Hospital and the vet went on and on about all the things that were the matter. I just wanted you to know that as well. Thank you again!      ~ H. S.

I refer you often to others and tell them about the great experience we had with you.     ~ S. S.

You are the absolutely MOST talented s\communicator!     ~ N. A. M.

Just to follow up - thank you so much for the communication today with Princess. I feel you were totally right on and I am relieved to know how she feels. It helps my stress level a lot! I enjoyed talking to you - you are very kind. I will call you again about my Bogie.      ~ J. H.

You were wonderful!     ~ S. L.

Thank you again for coming and giving us those incredible insights with Lizzie. Since you were here, all she wants to do is play with me. We are still having carpet and pillow issues, but the pillow chewing really seems to be less. And I have not seen her go anywhere near the firewood, so that is terrific. And she is being even more loving with me (as if that was possible)! It is so comforting to know that we have you as a source of help for her. Thank you again.     ~ N. M.

I very much enjoyed our time together. I got a new vet to see Cookie yesterday. Today she was MUCH better. I just wanted to send you a bunch of thanks and gratitude from the bottom of my heart!     ~ L. B.

Wow! I'm pleasantly surprised to say the least! This has made my day!!! Thanks so much for talking to Roxie. I thought the comment was funny about Bear and the food. He is (as my petsitter calls him) a food machine. I think it's safe to say that I'm no longer a skeptic.      ~ J. S.

Last week you gave me information about my spraying male cat. My husband and I are amazed that he seems to be behaving differently toward us (more social, happier, playing more)!      ~ G. R.

The endoscopy finally revealed what is occurring in our pup. With so many variables and experts pointing us in varied directions regarding our dog's health, it was tough at times to know what was the best course for us to take. Your communication with Toby gave us the insight needed to make us the best possible advocates for our Toby's health. The information you shared with us from our dog was consisitent with what the vets ended up realizing every step of the way. The feedback you gave us helped expedite a remedy for a very sick and unhappy pup. The result is that we reached a timely, life preserving resolution. You are a cool, kindly lady and I enjoyed connecting with you. You are wonderful! Our family pack sends its gratitide and many blessings to you and yours. Thank you for all!     ~ E. W.

Thank you soooo much Emerald! I truly enjoy our amazing sessions and appreciate all the help thereafter!     ~ N. C.

Thank you for your communication with my little Simone. Now I understand her. Thank you!     ~ N. A. M.

Thanks so much - I look forward to going through our conversation again! Endo and Arson had a nice time at the beach and I think Endo has been spending more time out from under the bed. I've reluctantly been giving Arson more table scraps and he hasn't had any stomach issues... They seem happy and Endo really smiles at me, so all seems to be good!     ~ C.

Thanks for talking to my babies. I knew there was more to him than just puppy antics. Both Dave and I have spoken to him to let him know that we are fine and that he does not have to worry about us. We slept with a bunch of toys. He did NOT chew on anything inappropriate all weekend! Thanks again.     ~ A. C.

Emerald, Thanks so much for your help!     ~ P. D.

Contact Emerald, I highly recommend her as she understands the spirituality of all animals and can help your horse understand it's loss.     ~ C. P.

Thanks so much for coming to the boxer rescue even on Saturday and spending so much time with Brandee and Tori and I. She was pretty calm this morning when I left for work so I am hopeful we will be able to help her be more comfortable soon. I am attaching a word file that contains the 'story of Tori' which I wrote just after she died. I thought you might be interested as some of what it says really parallels some of what Tori told you on Saturday. It was wonderful meeting you and thanks again for your help!     ~ G. M.

Thanks again for helping us to communicate with our girls (and Buddy). Our session has helped us to feel more in tune with cat signals and more positive about learning to sense their feelings. We've kept a list of your suggestions and will be in touch!     ~ R. F. & I.

Talking with you was so great today - you helped all of us so much. You have no idea. Thank you for your reading, your prayers, your blessings and your wisdom. It is the latter that impresses me especially.     ~ C. Y.

Gosh Emerald I am so relieved to have the info from Lily. Kim phoned me back last night and said based on the way Lily performed yesterday that everything Lily told you made sense. Kim was very grateful for the info. Thanks again for calling me back last night, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. Oh, yeah, you'll love this...when they said Archie had to go in the back to give a blood sample, I took his face and looked into his eyes and told him to remember what you showed him about giving blood so it wouldn't hurt so much (they all looked at me like I was crazy). When they brought him back they said it was the first time he did not fight them and there was no bruising! Hooray!!! Thanks so much for that and Archie thanks you too!!! When people ask me for an animal communicator, I never hesitate to tell them that you are the only one that I would trust. Thank you so much!!!!  ~ L. S.

We all wish to thank you so much for coming to visit last night. All of the animals had a calm, ‘knowing’ look to them after you left -- Harley was quite calm, Duke was a bit smug, and the birds all looked at us differently. It was an extraordinary hour and a half!!     ~ D. A.

I saw Cyndi's Katie and Rassie yesterday. The transformation in Rassie was amazing, he seems so more at peace with himself. Katie looks amazing, she seems grounded again, like so much weight has been lifted from her shoulders. All of this came about because you care and took the time to help them and us. I am not an emotional person, but tears just flow when I think about all you have done for so many of the animals and their people, and me! From the very deepest part of my heart, thank you.     ~G. M.

Thank you, dear Emerald! I did what Daisy said with the collar, this morning, and it really helped!!     ~ D. G.

I feel better and understand the situation better - so I interact differently. There are more chances now. Thank you.     ~ P. W.

Our call was not only informative and affirming, it was a pleasure. It meant a lot to me that you so diligently connected to get clear communications.  The insight landed very deeply with me and opened something up that I hadn't realized I bottled. So thank you - my gratitude is beyond words.
~ A. T.

We met you this past weekend. We were with out two dogs Matilda and Darby and their cousin Bella. My husband thought it was a crazy idea when we went but you made a believer out of him and you were right on with our girls. Thank you again.     ~ N. & T. F.

I want to thank you so much for always being there for me when I need you. Kitty did use the litter box right before we left and the whole time we were gone. She used it a little when we got home but not for the last day or 2. (But she's been out a lot) I think she is copying Yakir! :-) Thanks again.
~ L.

Thanks for all you do to help animals and their human guardians.   ~ C. B.

Mickey and I have had a lovely day together. I fed him snacks on the bed a couple of times and am keeping the door closed for the moment to help him remember that the bed is only for playing or sleeping. It was so helpful talking with you yesterday, thank you!     ~ S. B.

Thank you for your reading on Sunday! You always provide such insight into our girls lives. Havana sends her regards.     ~ A. S.

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in communicating with Channing. I think I have noticed a change for the better in our relationship already. He seems more at ease when I am giving him his "half" pill and he has stayed in bed with me all night the last 2 nights. I thank you for helping make our last years together run more smoothly.     ~ A. I.

I can't express my gratitude to you for all the wonderful information....thank you so much.     ~ J.

Thank you for your help with sorting out our little behavior issue. Our relationship has already shifted, measurably. Incredible. Thank you so much for your insight and gentle way.      ~ K. L.

I want to thank you for coming out to our home and communicating with our pets. We found you to be quite charming and capable with what you do. We are trying very hard to make our pets more happy in some of the way they asked and in all believe we can make their life better. Since you left we have found the correct meds to help Beau with his leg pain. I would also like to thank you for talking with my dad. Once again I thank you for your time.      ~ E. A.

Thank you! We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.     ~ N.

I found our conversation today very insightful. We'll address what we can here and hope for the best. Thank you for sharing your generous spirit with us!!     ~ E. & T.

Thank you for spending time with me and the very chatty Bella yesterday. There was a lot of wisdom and insight in that exchange.     ~ C. D.

I wanted to let you know that upon reflecting on our conversation, some of the things you told me that Elvis said now make a great deal of sense.
Elvis also seems to be very happy that I've changed his food to canned, and his throwing up has stopped, except for one furball.  Thank you so much for helping Elvis and me communicate, you truly have a great gift.
~ A. B.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work! You can't imagine what peace it brought me to know all the guys were able to handle the police barging in with such dignity and courage. I appreciate your patience and kindness. Your gift is amazing, thank you so much for using it to help us communicate and understand our animals.     ~ G. M.

Thnaks kindly for welcoming Snowball and me yesterday. We both appreciate you sharing your energy with us very, very much and already our communication feels clearer and stronger.     ~ A. K.

Oh, we so love visiting with you. You are such a warm, wonderful person & have given us such comfort over the years. You have a very special gift.     ~ J. M.

We-my greyhounds, cat and I-did a session with you a while back. You were very helpful. Thanks.     ~ E. M.

Thank you so much for the reading Sunday nite. It is always such a joy to talk to you!     ~ P.

I want to thank you for communicating with Blondie today. It was enormously comforting for me to be able to talk with her, and I feel much more connected to her (and all the babies) on a different level now. Also, I had totally overlooked the fever. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to scheduling our next session.     ~ P. B.

Our session was fun! Now maybe I can understand Libby a little better and make her life more comfortable. Thanks again!     ~ D. B.

          Thank you so very much. Everything you and Casey talked about was perfect. 
          I am so happy I contacted you and respectively you talked to him. It not only
          helped me but also in helping/understanding him. I absolutely will try the 
          Leaks No More and I will also give him canned dog food, because if it is what he
          wants then that is what he gets. Both my dogs are just wonderful, wonderful
          dogs, who have always been there for me. Thanks again so much!
     ~ K. H.

          Thank you for giving me and my cats a reading today. I came home and
          I knew that Booma had found out about this! I cannot imagine anyone
          wanting power in this life when one could have a gift like yours.
      ~ M. Z.

          I can't tell you how much you've helped both me & my 'kids'. I cannot thank
          you enough for your insight into my animal family. P.S. You made my mother
          feel so much more at peace with Chelsea - thank you!
     ~ J. N.

          Remember my friend who brought Pogo to you? You told her Pogo was hungry
          and wasn't eating because his teeth and mouth were sore - because of your 
          reading she took Pogo to the vet and she had his teeth cleaned.  They also
          found sores in his mouth which turned out to be gingivitis. He is eating much
          better, he has gained weight, his aura is great and his fur is thick and silky         
          again - just thought you'd like to know!  What a blessing you are to these           
          critters. And their loving owners.     
~ C. Y.

Living in Harmony

I wanted to let you know that I did ride Dawn in my English saddle the other day, and she was GREAT! I didn't want to tell you too soon, so I rode her again and she was fantastic again! I even got her to do a few lead changes!!! I will be looking into buying a new western saddle that is lighter weight...that way she will be more comfortable, and my knees won't suffer from riding English everyday LOL! Thank you for the information! It is GREATLY appreciated!     ~ S. S.

So far so good. I went out that day and got her two litter boxes and she actually slept with me that night. Thanks ever so much.      ~ J. P.

Thank you so much for sending the beautiful Adoption Agreement. It is perfect. I have named my angel dog 'SammieJack.' I call him Jackie and my family still calls him Sammie - so there you go. Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are, and for being such a blessing to all animals and their caretakers.     ~ P. D.

Thank you, Emerald, for our communication on Tuesday evening. It was very interesting and I was happy to learn the things that I did. I have since 'spoken' to Woody and expressed my concern that he feels he needs to help out with my daughter's situation. I told him that his job is to stay healthy as that is what will help me the most. I would love to do another communication with Woody in the near future. Thanks again.     ~ J. K.

I believe and trust you. Thank you from my depth.     ~ C. M.

You really made some people happy being at that barn Friday, thanks!
You never cease to amaze me, there is just so much terrific conversation you had with these wonderful creatures!     
~ K. H.

I truly enjoyed our conversations with my girls and you tonight - you are a delight and a beautiful person. Thank you for all you do. Again, I cannot thank you enough for bringing these conversations to me.     ~ V. H.

Your communications with the Saddle Club horse, Nemo, now referred to as Geronimo, have helped.     ~ D. G.

I met you when you spoke with Shira and Lila. I wanted to let you know that they are fighting less, Lila seems to be standing up for herself more and Shira is now spending lots of time sleeping in a place that Dezine used to sleep. Thanks so much for your help.     ~ S. C.

Thank you so much for your help and support!     ~ L.

I couldn't wait to get home to email you about my session today with Emerald DuCoeur! I showed her two pictures of the dog in question and never even had to pull out my own list of questions. She took one look and started telling me about the situation and how it needed to be handled. She picked up perfectly on his personality, his current life and surroundings and what he needed from me going forward. I had come to Emerald in hopes of getting some direction about handling it all and from moment one she provided everything I needed. I came away with a total that I KNEW in my heart was right. I have used an animal communicator before and so, have had some experience. Emerald surpassed all my expectations. I will be forever grateful to her for her guidance and to you for having her in your home to help those of us who need her. Many thanks to you both.     
~ S. T.

I just can't thank you enough for taking the time to speak with myself, Cooper and my friend's horse Rafferty. Every time I speak with you I feel even more connected to my dog and other animals than I did before, I am so grateful to you for the work that you do.     ~ K.

Thought I'd give you a quick update on the situation here. It has gotten better although not purrfect. Sassy has improved greatly and Jasper has improved too. Bottom line is we have an enormous improvement going on, plus they & I have a more open communication system going, which had been blocked.  Mine own abilities to communicate mentally were opened up all the way. I can't thank you enough.      ~ J.

Thank you so much - I loved the conversation! The cats continue to be more loving.     ~ K. L.

Thank you for your work today. I am more at peace.     ~ N.

Thank you so VERY much!!!! I feel like a new person after months and months of worrying about Tara! I feel like a new window has opened up between Tara and us. While I had an open mind about this and hubby did not, but after tonight, he’s thinking he might have been wrong and that’s a tough thing for him. :) From the sounds of my husband’s excitement in the kitchen, I think she just finished her dinner and she hasn’t done that in a while! :) YIPPEE!! Going to join in the celebration now!! I just want to THANK you in a big way!!!     ~ D. C.

Thank you for your consultations, they always help.     ~ D. L.

Thank you so very much for your kindness and grace. I know I sometimes spin but you are always so loving!     ~ N.

I wanted to follow up with you regarding our consultation. After speaking with you, I received a calming collar that I had ordered for Charlie Brown to hopefully relieve his separation anxiety. It seems to be working as I have not given him medication when I leave and when I video tape him, he seems to be napping. He seems a little more settled. I do tell him now when I will be coming home. As for Rigby - he has been less reactive when near other dogs outside on the leash. I know he said that he thought that he needed to protect me and the dogs, but he seems a little better since we talked.     ~ B. B.

I met you in May when you connected with my then 9 month old collie Eli. He'd been having stomach issues and your suggestion of eliminating beef helped! Thank you.     ~ G. W.

Your session really let me know what is going on with Trinie's intestines, etc. and helped me make a plan to get her back to normal Trinie! You are a lifesaver! Thankx.     ~ B. & A.

Kitty and Yakir are doing really good.......I put the notice up for Yakir to tell Kitty how much longer we have until we have until our move. I cross off each day as it passes. It really is working well! Kitty does not seem as nervous anymore! Thanks.     ~ L. D.

Thanx for every thing you do for us! On my list of blessings, you are way up at the top! Much appreciation.     ~ B. G.

I wanted to let you know that I feel like Sledge Hammer really listens to me now...when I make reference to OUR conversation he always licks me in     ~ D. P.

Thank you soooooooooo much for the crystal info. It really works and I have a much calmer Janie. I have never seen this Janie before during the storms. Thank you thank you!!!!!     ~ L. S.

OMG! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and my boys. The knowledge I gained was immeasurable! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     ~ J. G.

I wanted to give you an update and thank you again. When we were away I kept thinking about him and telling him in my mind that I loved him and he was safe in the house until we returned. When we got back he was a happy little kitty. There were no mistakes, no messes, he was friendly and didn't give us an avoidance treatment or anything. He is definitely playing more and running around more and more comfortable overall in the house. Thank you again so much for your help!     ~ J. W.

My daughter's dog is facing surgery and Emerald spoke to him this morning. He is such a good communicator and told her exactly what is going on with his health and emotions. Emerald is a miracle worker! If any of you have an animal that you need to understand, I cannot sufficiently impress upon you the talent of Animal Communicator Emerald DuCoeur.     ~ N. A. M.

Thank you for today!     ~ S. T.

Thank you Emerald!!!     ~ E. H.

Thank you so much for again saving the day. I wish I could remain calm when things happen with Annie and Zack. Thank you for all of your support. It really means a lot to me, especially when I am panicking.     
~ H. A. & Z.

We are in Vermont with Clarita and she is doing just great. She was amazing on the plane and goes everywhere with me. As she requested she is eating much yummier food after a visit to a holistic vet here. The other animals are doing well and Carlitos has adapted really well to his temporary home. I truly believe that this is in no small way due to the wonderful conversations that you mediated with each of them. Thank you.     ~ K. N.

Thanks so much, Emerald! We're still working out the details of Skip's new name, but I can tell that he is pleased, we've had such a great day and I feel like we are much more bonded now.     ~ A. L.

As usual, you certainly mentioned some interesting things! Arson said several times how much he likes food now, and he has gotten a bit plump haha. It's great to hear that he and Sniper are liking each other more now, they certainly have been getting along nicer. And what you said about Nova and Sniper would get used to his high spirits, that is definitely Arson, always on the move! Hearing that even Arson said he sees Posey is so interesting, and the fact that she is laying down. She loved her naps, and did lay down a lot even when we first got her. I'm so glad to hear that she is comfortable and happy where she is, I sure do miss her. Thank you so very much, again for talking with my animals and putting my mind at ease. I'm sure this won't be the last you have heard from me!     ~ K. D.

I found what you said helpful!     ~ J. L.

You did a reading for me and my dog, my Mom was with me, and you also did a reading for my rabbits as well and you did such a wonderful job. I don't know if you know it or not but you actually said that one of my rabbits was going to have a cardiac problem, a heart condition. We took him to a cardiologist I would say not even three months later and we had to put him to sleep because he did have a heart condition so you kind of helped out and prepared us for that, so thank you. Thank you so much for all of the time and energy. You will Def. be hearing from me again. Thanks again.     ~ K. A.

You are an amazing woman Emerald. Thank you so much for coming into our lives with your warmth and exceptional ability! Rosey and Daisy as well as Jen and I are truly grateful.     ~ K. S. - P.

Barkly and I thank you so much for last night's reading. We sat down and cuddled and talked afterward and, at least for last night and this morning, I was in charge! I've read over my notes and everything makes so much sense.     ~ L. C.

It was a good reading. Thank you.     ~ V.

I wanted to write you a follow-up to your communication with Boris and Purr-cey. They now have controlled outside privileges. That is, when I know that I'll be home for a few hours and it is still daylight, I let them out. At first I just let it be a few minutes at a time and I stayed out with them. We let that time get longer and longer. Now, it may be a few hours. And here is the great part. They come home when I call them!!!! Purr-cey is so much calmer and picks on Boris MUCH less. So we all gve a bit and they are soooo much happier.     ~ A. L.

Thanks again for all your help. Rudy is a happy camper and he thanks you as well.     ~ D. T.

I've been meaning to write you to let you know how happy Blackberry is.
After our conversation with you, she did pee on the carpet once or twice more, but then stopped. She has been spending a lot of time out here in
the living room with us. We have changed the set-up and put her back on bunny food. Anyway, thanks a lot. She just seems more playful and friendly since that night. I think she really enjoyed being 'heard' by us.          
~ S. R.

I am grateful for the energy and light you are extending us-that means everything!     ~ G.

We want to thank you for your efforts. This was the first animal communicator experience for me and I found it quite fascinating. We, including Baby Cat already seem more relaxed about the mouse situation and hope we can help them find a safe environment to live. Thanks again for all the compassion and help.     ~ N. & B. S.

I am so happy I decided to follow your advice and get a Great Dane.  She loves people so much and her horoscope describes her as a "Jesus dog."  We are thrilled!     ~ J.

I want to bring you up to date on our wildlife situation. Bill made the first mouse habitat, as you know, and then we had another phone consult with you. We moved the bird feeders to the new area in the woods, which I loved, it was so peaceful, and later Bill made another mouse habitat for the 'scaredy-mice' (as you put it). It took the birds a few weeks, and then they started going to the feeders & water. A few weeks later, a bear came through the neighborhood, and pushed over the pole with the feeders, bent the feeders, and dumped over the large container. I think it was probably a young bear, or more damage would have been done. We gave up on bird feeding, at least for the months that the bear are active. Birds are still here, we hear them & see them, and we are very much enjoying the crows, who visit us daily and fly throught he woods and perch on the tallest trees! We also got to see an eagle a while back! We definitely feel that the mouse activity has decreased, although Baby Cat still likes to do her 'mousing' (watching for them) almost daily! Thanks for everything! We have learned much!     ~ N. & B.

Lilly is doing better. I cleared the energy in my apartment after talking with you and Lilly. She loved it. The whole place felt lighter and she was dancing and prancing around! She has slept with me most nights for at least part of the night. So - all in all things are going well. Thanks for everything.     ~ N. C.

Thank you very much from all of us. It was a pleasure to speak with you.     ~ D. E.

Can't tell you how much I appreciated your insight yesterday. It makes me look at both my little friends in a different light. I think I will be more patient with both of them from now on.     ~ B. H.
My cat, Isadora, who you communicated with last week, was gracious enough to walk into a carrier so when I went out to her enclosure this morning she was waiting to be transported. Thank you again for your insight. You indicated she would go into a box with a hole and sure enough the carrier did the trick.     ~ L. N.

Just a note on Little Miss (S)Tinker. She has been a little more understanding lately, and the peeing has stopped for now. So, I think we have a break through with that issue. whewwwww. Thank you.     ~ C. B.

Thank you for your help!     ~ E. M.

Just a note to let you know that Digger's surgery went well. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I gave him your message last evening, as he was reclining on his bed, and he sat up and looked around as if he thought he might see you. I hope to have a consultation with you, so that you can talk with him about the surgery and his new "breathing."     ~ C. C.

Thanks for all of your help. We got outside last night and also a few minutes ago with his backpack on. We also went to the park this morning and he seemed very happy. I also forgot to tell you that you helped my Mom in December. I had bought her a gift certificate a long time ago, and she had a horse who was very sick and she didn't know what to do. I reminded her about the certificate and told her to talk with you because it might help give her some insight or peace of mind. She was really impressed at how well you were able to tune into Nellie (an older Clydesdale mare) and I think that it did make it easier for my Mom to let go of her. I think that being able to talk with her first helped her to know that it was the right decision.     ~ A. L.

Thank you so much for helping Wampus + Speedy talk to me!     ~ E. M.

Thank you! The more I sit with it the more unusual the reading feels to me - you do amazing work and get to be privy to such beautiful, extra-ordinary things! It stretched me spiritually, and I already do some of this work myself as you know! Brother is really missed - really hard to pack up food knowing I won't see him. This certainly has been, for me, another opportunity to enter the mystery - thank you as always.     ~ K.

I thought I would send you an update. Memorial weekend we went lure coursing in Ohio. The first day we walked Hero and Dusty together and they played. That evening all 4 dogs were together in the hotel room and they have been together ever since. At first Hero did lunge once at Dusty and growled a few times. But since then they have just played together. Hero is also doing better about wanting to chase cars ... In the trial this weekend Hero did beautifully.     ~ C. G.

You are truly blessed with your gift of communicating with animals. Thank you for sharing Leia's thoughts with me.     ~ T. W.

Once again, thanks for a wealth of info. If I truly had it my way, I would have a session with you everyday! I always have so much to work on after Trinee talks! I know for sure my current reincarnation has no princess energy, but Trinee is total Princess! Lots of Gratitude.     ~ B.

Thank you so much for talking to Oreo. I realized that my husband has been telling Oreo that the cats will rip his eyes out if he continues to mess with them!     ~ C. F.

Chester and I thank you!     ~ S. P.

I appreciate all of your assistance with my furry babies. As for Roxanne barking so much, it's too funny. She used to bark at Shasta when Shasta was on any dog bed that Roxanne wanted to lay on. Roxanne would bark at her until Shasta got off that bed. I know they enjoy talking to you. I cherish all communication with them. Thanks.     ~ J. H.

It was wonderful (as usual) to speak with you last night! :)     ~ J. S.

Thank you for - as usual - a wonderful & informative chat!!     ~ L. C.

We're all doing fine here. Saw the hawk on Monday after we got together, but the chickens let me know. Nothing since! Every morning when I let them out I imagine my protective spiral moving out over the property, so far so good. Thanks again for your help.     ~ P. L.

Thank you for all your help with the kids. :)     ~ D. L.

Thanks!! He is nipping less. He has also dialed up his body language for me. He lies down next to me for petting for 1 second, then hops down and then flops and rolls on the floor to let me know he wants to play. He's amazed you called him a star and wants to keep hearing it so he can wrap his brain around it. I guess it's cuz he was stray and with a big colony ... feeling one in a crowd. Thanks, again.      ~ E.

Thank you for the wonderful reading for my cat, Iorek. He's one happy boy right now that we played a lot when we got home. Thank you!     ~ J. P. S.

Thank you again for your help-Matilda is already doing so much better already, all thanks to you!     ~ E. M.

My daughter’s English teacher recommended you and said her dog has never had an accident in the house since the dog had your appointment.
~ E. R.

Thanks so much for all your help.     ~ L., J. C. & M.

Just wanted you to let you know that Casper seems happier and Boomer seems happier now.     ~ D. H.

I want to let you know that Sam’s nighttime yowling IS lots better! Thanks for your interest and support.     ~ S. S.

Once again, Thank You for your constant assistance with me and my buddies.     ~ B.

Thank you so much! Princess went to have her nails clipped today and I was much, much calmer about the whole thing. Princess let Laura pet her a little and then she held her while the vet did her nails. She was 1,000 times better. She had a little to say, but it was nothing at all like before. The other vet tech was shaking her head and said, this is NOTHING like before. I did tell them what she wanted and was pleased they did not give me a hard time. Princess was calm when she got home and purred. Before she was hysterical for several days. So thank you, thank you from both of us. Wish I lived on the East coast and could attend classes!      ~ J. H.

It all makes sense. Thank you again.     ~ N. & F. H.

Just wanted to thank you again for helping Mickey and me talk last week. I feel like Mickey and I are communicating better than we ever used to, and that's so wonderful and helpful. Many warm greetings to you from us both.     ~ S. B.

You are such a blessing to me! It makes me very happy to think that Fergus and I could be together again.  I have addressed my Bear and asked for assistance as you suggested - and I will let you know of any developments. Thanks so much for the prayers and for Lelu's support.     ~ P. D.

Last night, Annie seemed much better. And she is doing well today. It is likely the antibiotics since that is the only new variable. I am so glad that you told me about the bladder infection so I could insist that she have them. Thank you so much again. I feel so relieved.     ~ H.

Thank you for your help yesterday! Today Nora is very cheerful, as opposed to (over) excited. Thank you again.     ~ E. M.

We really really appreciate you coming over yesterday - I know it gave me a lot of reassurance about my girls - especially envisioning them squeezed tightly together forever. I think Juliet really did miss Kate - the date of her passing (coincidental or not) convinced me of that. And Claire was so appreciative for the information on all of her babies - particularly Lexie. She and her husband are such good people that was just the most unfair thing I could imagine to have happen to them.  Last night I talked to Claire and she was looking for a nice quiet place for Piper to eat - away from Dash's watchful eye LOL Thank yo so much again!!!     ~ A. C. 

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping Nancy today, you made her difficult decision so much easier amd she's already taken him to the vet's and let him go. She feels good about it. She said she's very, very grateful.     ~ L. S.

Thank you so much for your amazing and fruitful session with my cats. You said it would take a “radical intervention” to solve Sable’s urination problem due to the dynamics with my other cat Shaman. Indeed it did, but it is working very, very well. She loves having her own litter box, and has never made a mistake. If you hadn’t helped me understand, a precious cat would be gone, and I knew that wasn’t right or tolerable -- but neither was the problem. Thank you.     ~ S. W.

I just wanted to thank you for such a delightful outing. It was really fun to hear the cat side of the stories, and also very informative. I really enjoyed meeting you!     ~ L. W.

She actually used the box today! She urinated and pooped. I'm hopeful this will work along with taking her to the vet - thanks!     ~ A. H.

You have helped me understand the “K-Beast” with our talks. He is so much more settled with fewer “outbursts.” He enjoys life much more now and leaves his “baggage” behind more often. Thanks for being his/our friend.     ~ V. M.

Thanks for your help with Mandy. I was having trouble getting past her attitude and was responding to it with way too much emotion and anger. Thanks for being our therapist and helping me get past the attitude.
~ C. F.

I wanted to let you know Sam is doing so well and express my thanks
for your amazing insight.     
 ~ J. N.

You were right about Cali and Luna. Luna did NOT want her in the house. You were so helpful.     ~ B.

Thanks so much for the reading.... so much was right on.... in fact I cannot think of anything that wasn't :) After we spoke Buddy was all perky, with a happy face and wanting to play.     ~ A. Z.

Just wanted to give you an update of what has happened since our last 
session. Emma went that following weekend to my grandparents house and was a perfect little angel, no accidents. She has been consistently using the potty pad. She and Eddie have been playing. He does not run away or leave the room.  He even rolls over on his back and lets her "attack." So things are going really well.  Thank you so much for your help!      ~ J. & T. W.

Thank you for helping to make our event a resounding success. Our guests absolutely loved talking with you.     ~ K. M.

God bless you, Emerald!!!     ~ J.

Deep Perspective

I wanted to say Thank you so very much for my reading yesterday with my dog Shelby who has passed on. I really appreciated all the time you took with me and I really felt all that you offered me was correct, heartfelt and coming straight from my beloved dog. I really miss my girl so much. I'm sure my dog Shelby loved that you were there contacting her and bringing news to her about me and relaying the news back to me that she had. It was such a pleasure meeting you.    
~ D. B.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, kindness & compassion during this very difficult time. We thank you for coming to our home on such short notice. We will always treasure in our hearts knowing Angel's feelings, thoughts & wishes during her last few weeks with us. Thank you for helping us communicate with her.     ~ C. & K. D.

Thank you so much for your in depth reading on Tuesday night. I felt like Cricket was right there with me and could feel her essence. I feel much more relieved now that I've had a chance to communicate with her and know that's she's doing well and is safe. More than anything else, thanks for giving me the confirmation that I will be with her again, and that we will walk together and pick up where we left off here.     ~ G. V. A.

Thank you again for your support, compassion and loving presence. Thank you for allowing us to do exactly what Mrs. cu-tie Lucy wanted us to do. Her body looks really cute, even with her soul not being there. Just like she wanted it, we dressed her up with a pretty coat and have flowers ready for tomorrow's service. Your presence made such a difference in our lives.     ~ P. & C.

Thank you, Emerald, for talking with Ty and helping me on the path to what I have to do, one last gift to this wonderful dog, this wonderful life. Jeff and I will be there with him in the end, as we have since day one. There is this amazing love surrounding us today ... thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thanks so much for yesterday. Ty passed peacefully on his big comfy bed in the back of my suv last night. Dr Hines loved him and we were all sad but we were strong with him. He was pretty out of it by the time we got there but it was very nice and peaceful. He was loved, for sure. We had him privately cremated and will pick up his ashes tomorrow. Thank you again. A life well lived, and he brought so much meaning to mine.     
~ S. H.


Thanks so much Emerald. You're a God send!     ~ N. C.

Thank you dear for connecting with my girls... it was more than expected for sure! What would I do without you? When I'm done my scrapbook... I'll want you to see it! I'm thinking it could be a way to help those of us grieve out losses... Thank you again.     ~ T. S.

Matilda died in my arms this morning. Thanks so much for your prayers, support and help through her time here with me.     ~ E. M.

Thank you for your strength and guidance. Rosey was genuinely 'connected' to you. She lights up when you 'talk' with her. This morning I made her some cheesy eggs and the in-home vets arrived at 10:00 am. They were exceptional women. I am so grateful for you and Rosey suggesting this. I would like to call you in a week or two to ensure she has 'arrived' safely and to gain some insight as to what Daisy may need or feel.     ~ K. S. P.

This morning Sweetie went over to the other side. I was with her through the whole thing. Our last days and nights together were very beautiful. Sunday night she mustered up all of her energy to get as close as she possibly could to me. We had a very deep love for each other which will live on. It really helped to hear that from you when you talked with her and I think that experience helped me communicate with her better as well. It meant the world to me and really did help to calm my aching heart.     ~ N. R.

Thank you so much - made such a big difference. That was enormously helpful - it feels right. Thank you again - if I were able I would do a 'reading' with you weekly! provides profound learning for me.     ~ K. R. L.

Your consultation with her illuminated what had been and was going on, enabling me to know what to do and when - and leaving me with a profound gratitude to Sable for braving so much so long as she did. Thank you.     ~ S. W.

I still cannot believe the way everything worked out, dreaming of Lizzie, George having dreamt of you bringing her to our house (and we hadn't known about you nor met you yet) and then meeting you and you telling us where to look for her, etc. The way all the events worked out still amazes me. Lizzie is just plain awesome. Smart, beautiful, loving, sweet, she is the best dog-daughter ever, and I owe you such a debt of gratitude in helping me find her and bring her home!!!     
~ N. M.

I am as always grateful for your work. Again, my gratitude to you.     ~ N. M.

Thank you for talking with us. You gave me a behavioral description to help me understand what Toby wants, which is very helpful. You have made a difference.     ~ N. P.

Thank you for helping us today and for keeping us in your prayers.     ~ S., J. & L.

Cowboy slept very peacefully and contentedly on my lap for two hours before the vet came and was on my lap when he died. I am so glad I got to talk to you on Sunday because it was still a hard thing to do. I am sad but feel relieved that he is finally free of his pain. I know he was thankful that we helped him with it. Thank you for all your help and advice.     ~ M. S.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful session today. It was so helpful and gave me a lot of insight on how to handle Sophie. It was so special to connect with Chelsea and know that she is a fully realized, shining soul. She will always be my special baby. You are so amazing and your talent is a real gift to all of us.     ~ J. N.

Thank you for all your help and guidance; you made the time of her blindness so much better for her.     ~ D. & T.

Thank you for your help with Gabrielle. After seeing him again and talking to the doctor, I knew that it was best to let him go. I am grateful that I was able to talk to him through you and see him in the hospital. I held him and told him he will be free of this body and be able to be reborn in another magnificent body. He will always be with me. Thank you Emerald.     ~ C. E.

You are the absolute best at what you do and we LOVE telling people how we came to find Lizzie (formerly Petie)!!     ~ N.    

Thank you for a lovely & warm reading. Both girls came through so clearly. I added the crown to Moushou's picture. Boomie hasn't changed one bit! Thank you for doing the work you do, for your honesty & caring. You're the best!     ~ M. Z.

Thanks so much, Emerald, for talking to our Bear Bear.     ~ J. H.

Emerald, thank you so much for opening up a whole new world to me. Jas is doing much better each day. We went to visit about 3 weeks ago. She gave me one of the looks that Holly gave me while you were here at our home. Holly is doing well and follows me around quite a bit. Janie also. Mom says it looks like a train wherever I go. I just wanted to share all the wonderful news happening here!  ~ L. D.

My heart is heavy but my spirit knows we will see each other again. Thanks for sharing your time with me and the family ... it is appreciated beyond measure.     ~ W.

I am taking a moment to thank you so much for the time you gave with me yesterday with George. It appears it could not have been a better moment. In the early morning hours today he passed in his sleep as he laid in his bed next to mine. I am so grateful we had the moment to say some things that needed to be said and I guess heard. My sincerest gratitude again.     ~ J. S.

The messages from Guinevere have helped quite a bit, although my chest is still tight and heavy. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have you as a friend at a time like this. This is the 3rd animal I have lost that your gift has helped me bear the pain. I love and honor you very much, more than words can express.     ~ L.

Thank you for assisting our family during this difficult time. You were right when you told me I'd know when it was time to let Ritz go. He was ready, too. He was not afraid and it seemed to be a peaceful transition for him. He was a true friend to everyone. Thanks again for your support.     ~ W.

Thank you for one last conversation with my precious Ebby and Willie, and for sharing your gift of communication with us.     ~ K. K.

I had a phone appointment with you almost 2 yrs. ago when my cat Saki was dying. The information you gave me helped me to make Saki's last days as good as possible and gave me great piece of mind. Thanks much.     K. F.

Lizzie is doing Awesome! Her manners have much improved and she is smart as a whip. Thank you again for showing us how and where to find her.     ~ N. M.

Such a 'purrrrfect' reading - thanks so much - I LOVE working with you! Feel I'm on the right track now.     ~ K. L.

Many, many thanks for all your kindness and support. There was much to be learned from a little cat’s passing about life, love, reflection, surrender - and more love.     ~ R. K.

Thank you so much for your help with Nisha's last days and his passing. You really helped facilitate that improtant balance between allowing his dying process and aiding him at the end to cross over with less suffering. I am very grateful for your support, guidance and insight.      ~ J.

Thank you soooo much for accommodating us tonight! They loved the reading. Mike and Courtney felt much calmer after speaking with you and Arny.     ~ A. Z.

Thank you so much! This reading really brings me comfort on many different levels. It gives me peace to hear the message from Buck that he will be happy with Casey and the place he is going to be with her. I am especially grateful for the message from my Dad as it is so comforting and meaningful and especially since today is his birthday. Your reading is very spot on. Again, thank you for your reading.     
~ S. G.

Thank you so much Emerald! It always amazes me how much animals understand & how obvious it is they communicate & know. Miss Tricey was definitely ready to go. When it came to the time of the Vet's arrival she came out from under the bed & waited & Casper went under the bed. She stayed on her perch even when Dr. Betty came in the room which is not like her. I can tell her spirit is happy & joyful. It is such a pleasure to know you, Emerald.     ~ D. H.

You had spoke with my wife and I shortly after the death of our loving calico cat; at the end of that wonderful session on the phone with you for that hour, you also left us with the thought that she would be returning as a male tuxedo cat and well, the strangest thing has happened, we’re not sure if the gestational period matches, but we’ve come into the possession of a male tuxedo cat that is the most wonderful, loving kitten we’ve ever had.
~ T. & T. S.

You've been such a help & blessing.     ~ N. W.

We lost Murphy, he tried but his little kidneys were just too damaged. Your visit really helped us see him better as his own spirit. Thank you.     ~ P. R.

I cannot thank you enough for our last session with Zena. She has passed on Sunday, but as tough as she was holding on for as long as possible. I clearly lost my best companion and soulmate but I will see her every day as I am having a mural of her in the babies nursery :-) Thank you for your gift and enjoyable calls over the years with Zena (Zeus & Zoe too). We will be talking with you soon again!     ~ N. C.

Thank you for the prayer. I am so appreciative that you believed in your God Given Gifts and Talents. You are very much appreciated.     ~ J. H.

Thank you so much for your consultation. My German Shepherd and I had been friends for over ten years. He was always my best friend, my protector, and overall great companion. When my significant other came into the picture, Sam accepted her and the bonding was instantaneous; at that point we became a three unit pack. Sam was very strong and active at the time of his passing. It was completely unexpected and a severe shock. After having you communicate with Sam I felt a huge weight lifted from my heart. My understanding of what actually happened and that I will see him again greatly lessened my grief. I feel he is still with me no matter where or what I am doing. I think his primary goal was to keep me out of trouble; I think he is still attempting to fulfill that goal.     ~ D. H.

Sable died at home this morning, just the way she wanted it. She went down very fast after she came home from the clinic. I just wanted to thank you again for your conversation with her. It was right on.     ~ S. W.

I hope to see her again someday even on this earth. Thanks again, and again, and again, for helping us!     ~ R. M.

The way he passed was as good as we could have hoped for. It was because we had scheduled the time with you that we all happened to be in the room with him when it happened. And it was nice to feel like we were reaching out to him in a special way at the end. We think everything happened exactly as it was supposed to.  We were very sad but also very grateful for the circumstances in which he passed. And we thank you for that.     ~ J. & A.

So good to talk with you. You are so 'right on' about Catrina going with spirit once her body started declining.     ~ S. S.

We are immensely appreciative of your bringing us together after many uncertain months apart. He has felt a tremendous burden lifted, and now understands more fully what took place in the barn fire, and that I have no malice for him, only love. Knowing that Alan will meet again on a higher plane is something we both look forward to. We will fun and play together and enjoy one another, as if we two were halves of one. We are blessed to know you.     ~ B. & A.

Thank you so much Emerald -- your contribution to our lives, past-
present-future, is immeasurable. There are no words -- May you
continue to bring great relief and confirmation to countless critters
and their folks!     
~ L., B. & S.

I have greatly increased my knowledge on the subject of communicating with animals, and to a step further - existence of animal souls; this information has had a transforming effect on me. Our initial call was the catalyst.     ~ D.

I've begun to notice, with each communication, that these communications are everlasting miracles of love & sharing. Thanks again!     ~ L. C.

Thank you for the time and the reading(s)! I talk to Moushou now and tell her we await the second coming! I called Sue last night and briefed her on what you said about the kittens' personalities. This is the amazing detail. Chrissy was trapped and rescued while she was nursing her kittens. Sue went to look for them and could not find them. So when the cat told you she feels sad about her kittens, there was something to it ... Thank you for your time, your generosity, your spirit and talking to these lovely critters!     ~ M. Z.

I am so grateful for your help with both Sable and Djembe. It enabled me to do the best for them, and what they wanted. Djembe was euthanized in his favorite chair in front of the woodstove. His last moments were spent looking out the window on a lovely day. His passing was done easily and quickly. Thank you for all of your help.     ~ S. W.

"Run like the wind!" When I heard you speak those words, I knew that you had made a true connection with my canine companion, Buddy. It's what I say to Buddy when he runs with complete wild abandon across the backyard. It makes me laugh and Buddy runs more. This really was a very special reading for me. Thank you.     ~ C. F.

Thank you!! XOXO Don't know what I would do w/o you!     ~ A. Z.

I can't thank you enough for today; we have been on a cloud since you left. We knew that Fressa was special but we did not know she was so intuitive and had such strong opinions! It was a gift for you to help us get to know her better on another level. We hope that our little lady remains strong enough to meet you again. She is precious and beloved; thank you for confirming that we are okay in her book! Heartfelt gratitude from all of us. ~ R., M., B. & F. H.

Thank you again for all of your help.     ~ T. S.

Tonight marks 4 weeks since Leyla has come home with me! She is doing well and I have attached some pictures for you. Sweetie was so right about her being peppy! She had a problem with diarrhea as you had said she might in her first week due to nerves most likely. She is very sensitive just as you said. As a matter of fact, once when I was talking with a friend and got a little emotional and animated with my tone of voice, she jumped on top of me and put her paws on my chest as if to say "calm down, calm down!" Hope you enjoy the pics!     ~ N. R.

Thank you so much for today! We all really enjoyed it!     ~ C. C.

I just wanted to thank you for every, every, every, everything. We just got back from putting Holly down. It was very, very peaceful - she was actually sleeping. I know I wouldn't have been able to get through this without your help. I'm so glad we talked to Holly first. I know she's up there with Janie now. Thank you again for being there for me and our family on one of the most difficult times of my life.     ~ E. D.

I've been meaning to email you to let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful gift and ability to communicate with the animals. I truly feel blessed to have been able to communicate with Munson so soon after his passing. We received his ashes yesterday and have placed him right where he will be happy -- the center of the mantel. Thanks again. I know I will want to check in with my "furry boy" from time to time and I will definitely contact you again.      ~ B. P.

Thank you Emerald - once again, thoughts from my animals flow into the most cherished memories of my mind.     ~ L. C.

Thanks so much for coming to help us. I do understand Josey so much more now and I feel more settled about CupCake's passing. I still miss her so much and the sadness leaks out of me from time to time but at least I know she is not alone or scared. Friends and family have come forward with love and support, so we feel very blessed. Again, thank you for all your help.     ~ L. H.

Thank you so much for your insights and communication with Bandit, not to mention your compassion in my grief.       ~ S. S.

Just a note to thank you for giving us some closure and peace. We plan
to call you again. We will highly recommend you to everyone and our vet
too. Thank you again.
      ~ P. & M. D

.Just wanted to say "thank you" so much for coming to meet my husband and I...and of course my "furry girls" Abby and Chloe. I feel a little bit better...I think the session helped me a great deal. Some of the things we talked about with Abby gave me some comfort. Again, I can't thank you enough for spending the time and helping me with my grief. I will be sure to continue talking to Chloe about that I know she doesn't mind listening.      ~ M. K.

We don't know what we could ever have done without you. Sometimes the words 'thank you' are just never enough. I'll be in touch! We're just giving Brandon more time ...     ~ L. C.

I cannot thank you enough for talking with Marley. I think you just did a wonderful job and I am so grateful that you were there to turn to. Bless you.      ~ L. E.

I remember you said you picked up Sketo had an enlarged heart and rapid heart beat. Sketo was pretty overweight and I read online that this happens. Also, the clean teeth thing was neat because that was always a joke about him at least having clean teeth, and also how you said we sung a song/melody to him, we use to sing him a song that had his name in it to him that was based on 'King of the wild frontier' song. Also, I did hide treats in our hide and go seek game that he had a hard time getting to so that was neat also. At one point you said he is showing you he is up there with a little black dog, my sister has the little black dog that she sometimes would bring over to my parents house. Thanks again for a really cool experience, sometimes its hard to believe this is possible because I cant physically see or feel it but Im open to believing. My mom and sister really enjoyed hearing about this as well. Thanks.     ~ J. S.

We came to see you when you were in Los Angeles at Urban Pet with my 3 dogs, Ladybug, Wickit and Tonino. I loved hearing what you had to say about our pups. I would love the chance to have another reading. Thanks so much.     ~ S. D.

Comforting to talk with you, as usual. Sam's spirit remains with me. She stayed as long as she possible could. I'm adjusting to our new spiritual relationship.      ~ S. S.

Thank you so much for talking to Crissy. She really was a special cat. The way you described Crissy leaping into the brillance sounds just like it happened. Chrissy was in Sue's arms and just gave a leap. She breathed two last sighs and was gone. Sue's doing better now--feeling reassured that she gave Crissy a loving home before she left.     ~ C. F.

Tasha Marie is doing much better. You were right on the money with your reading. She says thanks. The consultation has really improved the quality of our lives. Ed and I feel more relaxed and I know I feel closer to Tasha and more confident that life, if not exactly optimal, is good and our relationship is strong. Thanks again for your assistance.     ~ B. & E. S.

It has helped us both so much to have so deep a perspective now on her needs. We will also do a short ceremony using Champi’s collar, as you suggested. Ruth also noted that it will have to conclude with dog treats, of course!     ~ D. & R. W.

Thanks for helping me communicate with Sandy. When you told me she says sometimes she is silly, I could relate to her. I feel better now. Keep up the good work.      ~ S. K.

Thank you again for your help!     ~ E. & S.

Thank you soooo Much, Emerald! Want to let you know that the deals we made when we talked with the 2 of them on the phone last time are working. I am amazed and pleased. I believe but it still amazes me. With sooooo much Gratitude!     ~ D. R.

Thank you, Emerald! Btw, I'm still a picky eater but I'm doing better now. Thank you for talking with me about it. Purrr ....     ~ R. R.

I feel that you possess the sincerity of purpose and ability to communicate in other realms which is so essential to our work with other-than-humankind. My personal response to your communications with my beloved four-leggeds was that you affirmed that my own very strong feelings were reciprocated by those that I cared for so very much; and this was very important to me.     ~ R. V.

I know it been awhile since we talked. Morgan's loss was difficult, but thanks to you much better than it could have been. I now have a new baby named Lancelot (call him Lance). He is 9 months old and solid black just like Morgan. Thanks so much!     ~ L. S.

You are the only communicator I trust. Thank you so much.     ~ N. A. K.

Just wanted to give you an update on our Eddie. We decided to throw everything to the universe at once like you suggested, new litterobx, ask everyone we knew if they would provide a home, go back to the allergist, the vet, the whole deal. Turns out Eddie does like an open litterbox better than closed and has only pooped outside once when the litter was too low. Not bad. But a friend had recently lost a cat and was looking for a new buddy, she came to visit today and he acted like a total loverboy. Both Todd and I really liked her, Eddie will have free run of the house, it seems good. So, just wanted to let you know that I think the universe answered me and thank you for the help and prayers you put out there. They were answered amazingly for me to the last detail.     ~ J. W.

Thanks again for your help. It is invaluable.     T. S.

Thank you again for all your kindness & love during the very difficult time in our lives when Angel was sick. The lack of her 'human' presence is unbearable at times. Time does heal, I know that. You brought so much comfort to us. You are a gift.     ~ C. D.

Thank you so much for helping us talk with Sadie. What she told us resonated deeply and helped us tremendously during the difficult time we had letting her go. She was such a beautiful girl and so full of spirit! She is missed very much. Thank you ...     ~ P. & G. L.

Thank You Emerald from the deepest depth of my soul. It is the four legged, the feathered one, the non human ones that heal and sustain me in the here and the now. I am grateful to you and the work you do.
~ N. M.

Just wanted you to know that I put Camper down and that all went well. I do so appreciate your being willing to share your gift with me and fact, I feel strangely at peace with it all, and I attribute it to doing all that I could possibly do for Camper, but also to the bridge you provided so that I could talk to him. Thank you, thank you.     ~ P. D.

Thanks =) Lia and I enjoyed our consultation very much, and it helped her.      ~ S. P.

I am so lucky to have found you so that I can talk to my furry angels. I appreciate your talking to him more than you know and I'm so glad that he feels better. I also am so pleased that he knows I cut some of his fur to keep with me. He really did do a good job. He seemed to know how to 'checkout' of this life on his own terms without assistance from anything or anyone. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly fortunate to have you as my connecting spirit.     ~ J. H.

I just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with our little session
and several things you said to me were most meaningful and helpful to
me in this long grieving process.
      ~ J. B.

It is so important to let you know how much I thank you for your loving help and comfort during this most tragic time of my life. Your work and ability far exceeds anything I have experienced. I could not have endured a life without my beloved little angel Nikki without your support. And on my list of blessings, you are way up there! God bless you and I thank you.     ~ B. G.

I wanted to let you know that we said our last goodbye to Frodo last Monday. My son Michael and I were there with him. It was a very sad moment for us, but we had no doubt that it was time for him to go. You helped me to understand that he wanted to stay with us for a while longer back in November, and that he did feel our love, which helps to bring me peace. Thank you!     ~ K. D.

Thank you, Emerald ... I cannot wait until the missing becomes easier!     ~ B. M.

It has been since late October when you so graciously helped me make a painful decision about my beloved cat, Gamma. Your communications with him both before and after his demise helped me so much. I hope you will accept my gratitude for your unfailing support through that difficult time. And thank you, too, for the wonderful animal communication classes I've been so fortunate to take from you. With appreciation and gratitude.     ~ N. S.

Thank you so much for working with my sister Jan and her husband Ricky in their time of need - that meant so much to them and to Willy -     ~ J. B.

I am so thankful for everything you did for Jacquie and Sam. I don't know how they would have gotten through this difficult time without you. It is a comfort to know Sam is well and happy now, we all loved him so much. Jacquie and I are both hoping he and Chelsea are running and playing together now and that someday their special souls will come back to us.     ~ J. N.

Thank you again for all your help and prayers.     ~ T. S.

Bless you, and thank you so much. Tilly's eyes, as contrasted with yesterday, now appear untroubled.     ~ D. G.

You helped me SO much when Nisha was passing. Thank you again for that.     ~ J. M.

Thank you for the reading on Katy. It saddened me and also comforted me and is helping to bring closure to her awful death. You really are gifted and with that gift can bring help and comfort to all of us on many levels. I left with spiritual healing as well.     ~ C. Y.

Thank you for everything. The consultation was very comforting.     ~ J. L.

Thank you again for my own personal reading ... it has made me very
content to know how Mighty and everyone else in my animal family is 
doing.  Also, I followed your suggestions to reconnect with 2 of my old
dogs, Scuba and Clyde.  Makes me feel good to have their picture at my
desk :-)
      ~ L. A.

          Thank you so much. I can't quite explain it, but the things you said about me
          petting him, even the language you used, was very poetic and quite extraordinary
          and hit me on a very, very deep level.
     ~ K. L.

          Emerald is truly blessed with a wonderful and amazing talent! She can 
          communicate with your fuzzy bestest friend, whether living or beyond.
          She helped us find our precious girl, and not a day goes by where I am just
          so very grateful to her and all she did for us!     
~ N., G. & L.
          Thank you for bringing Uno and I closer together ... without you we were
          two souls wanting to speak but who spoke different languages. I know
          Uno understood more than I did (or accepted what his intuition told him
          more readily) but your help gave me the ability to make him comfortable.
          I loved watching his little face light up when I did what your notes suggested.
          He was clearly surprised but pleased that his requests were being
          acknowledged. Isn't that what anyone who loves another wants?     
~ E. S.

          We attended your anniversary celebration and took our dogs to get a reading
          from Emerald. She was amazing. She told me that my Eskimo dog, Spike,
          was having trouble breathing. I was surprised to hear this because Spike
          had just been to his vet a week earlier and the vet didn't mention anything 
          about breathing problems. The next night, Spike had, what I thought to be an
          asthma or bronchial attack. I took him to the vet the next morning. The vet
          thought it might be bronchitis, so he took x-rays. Spike had cancer throughout
          his chest. Spike passed away 6 days later. It was amazing that Emerald
          knew about his breathing problems when none of us (even the vet) caught
          it. At my reading, she told me that animals can understand us and that we
          were always to talk frankly with them. The day that Spike died, I told him that
          it was okay to die. I told him that if the vet and I couldn't help him to breathe
          better and if he died, he'd get some relief. I told him that I'd be okay. I would
          see him again when I died. He died two hours later. I really feel that without the
          knowledge of talking to Spike, he would have lingered on, suffering, as not to
          upset me by dying. I was glad that Emerald gave me the advice about talking
          to our animals. I tell everyone about her.     ~
J. & J.

Events and Fund-Raisers 
          Thank YOU for always supporting us with your amazing talents for the
          animals. People just LOVE YOU!!     ~ K. M.

          Thanks so much Emerald! What an amazing day for my customers! <3
~ P. M.

          What an amazing afternoon! Thank you to Daniel & Susan Gottlieb and the
          staff of the G2 Gallery. Thanks also to Emerald DuCoeur for your support
          of Sante D'Or. And to all our friends, old and new - thank you for continuing
          to share your love for our beautiful animals.     ~ Sante D'Or    

          My friend who is a volunteer with the same rescue as I am had told me about
          meeting you at an event and she said how wonderful and helpful you were.
          Thank you.     ~ C. C.

          Emerald DuCoeur helping a pet parent better understand their pet's needs...
          she's FANTASTIC!!     ~ J. E.

          Thank you for all that you do for us!!!!     ~ S. P.

          You had come to the place I work (Holiday House Pet Resort) for a Daycare
          party and I heard rave reviews from clients and co workers. Thanks so much.
          ~ A. H.

          Wow, what a huge thank you for taking your vacation to help me, help 
          Sante D'Or. What a positive weekend!     
~ J. N.

          People very much enjoyed your work, they were literally fighting over space with
          you last year at our one of a kind fundraiser for animals - you lent a wonderful 
          experience to our event.
     ~ K. M.

          Thank you so much for being a part of the 2010 Bark For Life - your gift 
          certificate was a big hit.
     ~ A. H. & P. J.

Lost Animals

You'll be thrilled to know, I am thrilled to tell you that Miuu is back, a little
          over an hour ago. She presented herself as I was coming back from errands.
          Sure enough about three houses down, she was meowing in the bushes to
          tell me she was coming back. Oh my gosh, what a great reunion! I'm just so full
          of gratitude for your direction and your help because she was sure listening and
          it opened me up, too. So thank you so much with great relief! I will share my
          experience with others. Thank you!
     ~ D. D.

          Last August, you worked with me and Miuu, who had been AWOL for 2
          weeks. She's doing fine, has gained confidence in the house, and her
          housemates and she get along much better. Thanks for all your help.
          ~ D. D.

          Thanks so much for our talk, Diesel and Wally came home the next morning,
          from the direction you said they were in. Thanks!     ~ S. P.

          Thank you so much for your help, kind words, and prayers for Jagger. 
          Your work is remarkable and much appreciated
.     ~ A. H.
We found her! She came rushing out like she was scared. We sure appreciate your help. Oh, we’re so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you.     ~ H. S.

I'm calling to let you know that Tess came home last night. The police actually brought her, she was on the beltway which is about a mile by car, a half mile by crow, as the crow flies, from our house. Her back left leg was sore as you had mentioned the first time we talked. I wanted to let you know and thanks for all your help!     ~ M. E.

I can't thank you enough for your help with Buddy. I am convinced that after communicating with you it settles the wild side and reminds him of home. Your clear vision of the way back helped him. After I went and sat and walked in what I thought was a good area for nearly an hour, I decided to take a break and go home. He ran off at about 4:30 and I pulled in the driveway about 7:00. When I got out of my car he walked right up to me. I'm not sure he would have found his way home without you. I really can't thank you enough - both for your effective help and for being available at a desperate time!     ~ J. G.

I wanted to let you know that we did find our little white dog, his name was Cody, he's home! Thank you very much.     ~ P. B.

Princess came home! Thank you so much for your help last night. I always trust you implicitly. You were very, very helpful. You gave me help in believing I could call her back. I know you have the ability to be wrong, but I've never seen it. I'm so grateful. Thank you.     ~ J. & J. C.

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to trap the kitten. I appreciate all your help. I kept asking the kitten to help me and sending out love. I put something dark over the trap. Yes, it worked out wonderfully for this little kitten, his name is Brandon. He is everything you said he was. Thanks again.     ~ B. C.

I really appreciate your help and I like working with you. Elouis came home Monday night. She was very hungry. She slept all the next day with me. It was nice to have all 3 of my cats sleep with me all day. Thank you.     ~ C. E.

Thank yo so much for working with Stacy. Diesel came home tonight!!! He was bug bitten but alive and very happy to be home. Thanks again, for giving them hope and letting them know what he was up to while he was on his little 6-day stray vacation!     ~ S. H.

I'm calling you about our consultation last night. I'm so excited to be able to tell you Chloe's been returned to me! I wish I could give you a hug in person but instead I wanted to give you my joyous appreciation. Thank you so much.      ~ L. N.

Puma! He just got home! He's fine, he's fine, he's home! It was just like you said! Love you!     ~ G. M.

I love this woman! Emerald once has a seminar at my house and also guided me while hunting for a lost dog for eight hours!     ~ M. H.

Thank you! I was so worried because I had not seen Oscar for two nights and he always comes when I call him. We looked everywhere ... After I called you I started looking for Oscar any where there was a cement floor because of what you said ... and I found him in the garden room. I am so impressed!     ~ V. B.

Last summer you aided in my cat Miuu's return after several weeks of her missing. A most happy return! Many thanks for all that you do.     ~ D. D.

Thanks so much for helping me find Bodhi!     ~ J. L.

Claire was thrilled with your communication with Donnie and her other animals! I can't tell you how much better we all feel - more confident that Donnie is ok and will return; have a better idea where to spend the efforts ... Donnie arrived home this morning at about 9:15 - dirty, tired boney, but HOME! Maybe he'll tell us his story someday!     ~ N. H.

I just wanted to let you know that Buddy and I are home safely. Thank you so much for your help, thank you very much. We're home, yea!     ~ J. G.

I'm calling with the tremendously exciting news that Ra came out of the car one month after she went into it under the full moon. It's pretty stupifying and phemonenal and I thank you so, so much for your assistance and support and guidance and communication. I think it was the sense that she was still there that kept my Mom from driving the car so I thank you for that insight and conversation. I went one morning to open up the car and there she was in the back left hand side where you said she likely was. So, all beautiful. Thank you so much.     ~ E. G.

HAPPY NEWS!!!! Our boy is home!!!! Andrew found him in the trap this morning... no collar, hungry and v-e-r-y happy to see all of us!!! Thank you for everything!!!! :)   ~ J., M. & F.  

GOOD NEWS WE FOUND PISCILLA You were right. She was very close...she actually was home hiding in a cedar closet in the basement. Can't tell you how many times we looked around the basement, but did not hear one single sound. But, tonight, as Doug was talking to her and asking her to PLEASE SPEAK LOUDLY; she did and we found her!!!!!! Thanks a bunch for your help and assurance that whe was alive and close! Thanks a lot!     
~ P. G.

We found Brasaceous! I don't think I would have found her without your help, you had given such good details. You said in the reading it would take a long time for her to come out, so I sat down and waited and calmed myself. You were so accurate, you inspire me. We thank you tremendously.         ~ B. R.

Guess what! Franny came home twenty minutes ago! He just walked into the driveway! Thank you for everything!      ~ P. M.

Thank you so much for all your help. You and I had spoken two days ago about Alaska that was missing. We did as you suggested and put food out and she had been eating it overnight and she came home today! She came up for food and the foster was actually outside and coaxed her in. She is back safe and sound! Thank you, we really appreciate it. We did exactly what you told us to do and she's back!     ~ R. P.

I just wanted to thank you a million times for helping me bring home my little girl, Pepper, today. I appreciate how well you facilitated our dialogue, provided her with meaningful reassurance and gave me insightful information before our reunion. I was nervous that my cat wouldn't appear, but you were right that making a beacon of my love would call he back to me. I was simply amazed and overwhelmingly relieved to find her waiting for me as you indicated. I am so joyous and grateful to have her back home safe and sound. We spent some quiet time sharing affection and a much richer understanding when she returned, once she was able to enjoy some 'unadulterated' food and cool water. She is now taking a nap in a warm, clean, dry place and basking in my adoration as usual. You are amazing! Skillful! Phenomenal! And a sincere person to talk to. I enjoyed the animal communication process and learned a great deal from you. Thank you for sharing your talent with me during my time of extreme need. I deeply appreciate it.     ~ S. & P. T.

Pepper is home!!! Pepper is home now, safe and sound. Right at dusk, just like you said, she came to her favorite spot to sit! Sharon went out with her food and she came right inside the house. Thank you so much for your help, you are a genius!     ~ L. R.

I just wanted to give you the wonderful news. We found Holly! She was behind a two story white house and it was about three blocks from our house. We did take her to the vets. She had her head up and she did a little woofing in the car. Thank you so much for all your help and your encouragement and your prayers. Just keep them coming so she has a good recovery. It all worked out so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!~ L. D.

I wanted you to know that all my concentration and meditation has paid off. Jeep is home!!! I am so happy--thank you thank you thank you, for your help!     ~ C. K.

Capone arrived at the front door Saturday night, all excited and hungry, but seemingly fine otherwise. All this good energy to 'call' him worked!!! (I still think Lucy the spirit dog led him home.) Metaphysical or Typical Male Cat adventure -- I'm just glad he's back to say the least. Thanks again for your help.     ~ S. B.

Thank you, Emerald. I found her around 7 pm. She was in a shoe drawer ... dark and surrounded by old wood. Thought you would like to know that. I might not have found her at all if I had given up looking. Thank you for your help today. It did encourage me to keep looking for her, and so you were a big help in finding her.     ~ R. L.

          Thanks for your help in locating Leo - he indeed was found in the Potomac 
          Overlook Park. How he got there, God only knows. He is now his happy, noisy
          self at home, as if he had never left for seven lonely days. We are soooo happy
          to have him back.
     ~ H.

          Emerald DuCoeur is a great animal psychic and she has helped find several
          dogs - call her. She is worth it.
     ~ M. H.

People, Too

          Thank you for a lovely reading, for managing to connect with my father, and,
above all, for your integrity. It means a lot to me. I appreciate that you call the reading a divine guidance which it is. Thank you again a million.     ~ M. Z.

It was quite an inspirational talk we had. I came away from our session with an extraordinary thought (the wonderful thought helped me get through things!) that came out of the last time we talked.     
~ T. S. 

OMG, found it!!! You are awesome! You helped on so many levels, and I know you know that I needed that! It is such a comfort to know that you are there if we need you! And I felt so much better yesterday after we spoke and I also went to Szestochowa and spent time in the little church in the back of the grounds. Thank you again for all of your help and kind words of encouragement! You were spot-on with the back room looking out to the yard, as that is where he always keeps it on top of the bookcase, and in the truck, it is usually under the one seat cushion just like you said. Thank you again for everything.
     ~ N. M.

We both thought the session last night was truly amazing! Your services were greatly appreciated.     ~ C. B.

Thank you sooooo much Emerald for today. Things make so much more sense
:-) Hugs from all of us!     ~ K. S-P.

Thank you Emerald for taking the time yesterday to connect with mom...that was so special and I appreciate it so much! You are such a great soul! ;)) It is so priceless to hear things from mom that I kind of already felt to be true. Thank you again.     ~ T. S.

It has been a long week, and without you and your wonderful abilities, this week would have been much longer. The communication with Jerry on Monday helped my heart so much, it helped me to cope with this difficult time. It doesn't take away the habil of things, it just helps me to somewhat understand the bigger picture. I can only imagine what kind of train wreck I would have been without it. Once again, I thank you so much for all you are.     ~ C. B.

Thanks for everything. Felt so light and good. Happy, even!     ~ C.

Thank you for the session last night... I cried and cried. I only wish that I had asked to have the session taped. Scottie is missed and I loved him and he loved me - there is much peace in that! Thank you again!.     ~ J. G.

Thanks for a wonderful reading the other night. It's been very helpful for me as I sort out opportunities that are presenting themselves. Thanks also on behalf of us all -- sharing your gifts that way was important not only for each of us, but for us all. Thanks!!!     ~ T. D.

What a wonderful conversation with mom! I can't thank you enough...     ~ T. S.

Emerald, I would like to tell you how grateful I am to have spoken to you concerning the Lieutenant. I have been working with his story for the last five years. I had so many unanswered questions yet continued to feel very drawn to his heroic tale. On completion of our conversation, I was amazed by what had occurred. I thought I would get "Yes" or "No" responses. Instead your ability to contact this man's spirit filled in gaps that extended and confirmed what I knew about his persona. I felt like I was blessed with his presence. I came to know this man in a deep and moving way. All the research and interviews with his family never gave me an understanding of his humor nor the loyalty so deeply embedded in his essence. Our conversation lingers, as does the connection that we all have to the past, the present and to the spirit. God bless you for your gift.     ~ D. P.

Thank you for the Angels you mailed to me. I have something positive to tell you... right now, I'm at the time of month when my energy plummets and it's hard to be active... And somehow I've got a level of energy that for me, just normally doesn't happen and it feels like this 'take back your power' angel is part of it... By the way, in the past you had said that I had a limited time window with the house... I asked, is it because the economy is getting better...and you (through your communication) said, no, it's about the process becoming more called it right if you read the paper about what is happening. I have faith.... Thanks.     ~ T. S.

Thank you so much for doing the Jung tarot readings. It was a very special event for all who were present.     ~ N. W-G.

Thank you so much for being willing to share your work with our friends and family. I particularly appreciated the little exchange after the readings ... the business about loving the subject you work with. I know that Carl and Nancy identified with the results of their reading. I can't remember the name of Pat's son, but you were so gentle and kind with him.     ~ R. G.

I want to thank you for a lovely reading yesterday; not only because it was more optimistic but because you are such an honest intuitive.  That is the sign that you honour your gift and I am very grateful for that. Martha freaked out when I told her about my sister and the card! It was just like one of those experiments they run in the paranormal labs!      ~ M.

Thank you for connecting with my mom, Emerald... I did not expect for her to be so talkative, and actually I asked many questions that weren't written down - it was very helpful. I appreciate everything!      ~ T. S.

Thank you so much for letting me talk to John. I wanted to tell you how much it meant to me but I didn't know how and hope this gift from me
says it all.     
~ B. W.

Thanks to you, Emerald, your spirit guides, and the feverfew, I have assembled enough courage to stop smoking.     ~ P. B.

I asked you to talk with Billy because I had always wondered about my friend, the man who saved my life more than 30 years ago, when we were combat soldiers in Vietnam. Although we stayed in touch after the war, he died recently, leaving me with so many unanswered questions. I knew you were talking with Billy because you mentioned his tattoos and his engraved Zippo lighter, details only his closest friends would know about. I always felt guilty because I adjusted to civilian life and he did not. When you spoke with Billy’s spirit, I got his side of the story. I now understand that he was at his highest during the war and he did not mind making so many sacrifices. Thanks for bringing me some peace of mind and easing the pain in a veteran’s wounded heart.     ~ R. M.

I really liked the session. You were wonderful! Thank you for helping me!     ~ L. K.

You are a wonderful healer. I hadn’t gotten the information regarding my pregnant sister’s heart rate and tension and I am thrilled that you did.
~ J. G.

I asked you to check in with my brother-in-law who died in an accident. You connected with him immediately. You had his height and body build right and when you told me the first thing he said I knew it was Jon! After our conversation, I was deeply comforted to know I was loved and not blamed. Not only that, I was appreciated for loving his brother. Thank you so much.     ~ J. C.

Thank you for your healing help on behalf of my mother. The good news continues.     ~ J. A.

After we talked with my Mom who has crossed over, I had the most serene, tranquil, loving energy in my acupuncture waiting room. She follows you so she can talk with me because she knows you are a connection/bridge for her. I love feeling her love, thanks so much, you neat-o-girl!     ~ H. S.

Thank you, Emerald, for helping to give me some peace of mind. Now you know me as my own true self.     ~ D.

Where there is love there is life.     ~ Gandhi

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